Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

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I'm not really too interested in betas (even if I paid for EA) but I agree with the above guy, I may just have to opt in for this :smile:. Sounds great. (how do you opt in?)
When I launched after this update, it impacted my video settings. When I launched the game the resolution was terrible, letters were blurry etc. I had to fiddle with my resolution setting to get a clear resolution again.

To fix:

Set resolution manually vice Desktop Resolution
Turn off VSync ( I had turned this on to compensate for stutter)
Turn off Force VSync

Edit: This may have been due to a Windows update.
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Wars happen far too often now, day 8 and the Northern empire is already at war with the Aserai, Vlandia, and the Khuzaits


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Great update.

Few concerns:
1. how can i check detailed info about my income? Everything is now grouped and i can't tell what part of income from parties is from caravan and what from other parties. I can't tell which of my villages are making good profit.
2. Except for new 2H and fix for 1H what other perks where fixed?
3. It's nice that we have a vote for peace/war but are there any factors that decide what majority of lords will decide or is it that they put up on vote only declarations that already have 95% support?
4. Is it only me or campain map texture quality is somehow worse than before?

Militia numbers are dropping finally. Great thanks for that.
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Implemented Sandbox Kingdom Creation, which is possible through the clan screen and not dependent on the main storyline. Players need to have at least 1 settlement and a tier 4 clan. Then players can select their kingdom's culture (consisting of their settlements' culture or their own clan's culture), select their initial policies (up to 4) and, finally, select the name for their new Kingdom.
Just this is an incredible improvement and my number 1 wish!
Good work!


Great progress! Thanks for your hard work! Lots of different people saying this game has so much potential!
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