Beta Patch 1.5.6 Single Player Seige, archer behavior (is this a bug? Or "as designed"?)

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I'm besieging Rhotae. I have strong numerical advantage but there are scattered enemy units that are almost at the point of attacking me and I can see an enemy army is also approaching, so I either have to attack or I'll be attacked with a much force that is about 3 times the size of mine, so of course, I attack, however, I don't have any siege equipment completed (no siege towers, no battering ram, but again, I have a army that is 3 timesl arger than the defenders in the castle so I'm confident the attack will work).

Long story short, I succeed with the attack, but here's the part where it got interesting.

My foot men are getting hit with arrows, so I pull them back and let my archers duel it out with the enemy archers, but by this time I've lost a good number of foot soldiers, so I have my archers attack. Most of my archers are fairly high level, or this probably wouldn't have had any real chance of success.

The archers start scaling the ladders as expected. I also had ordered the rest of the troops to attack. There are 4 ladders in use, the archers mainly are going up the ladders on the left side, and on one of those ladders there are about 6 Brucellori (mounted archer unit) one after the other on the ladder, and the lead one stops mid climb. At first I thought it was a straight up bug, but here's the overall picture....some of the archers still on the ground were retreating, but my non-archers were gaining the wall on the right side. Once enough troops were on the wall, the battle turned, the archers that were falling back started holding their ground and then attacking again, at which point the "frozen" mounted archers started climbing again.

My belief is the lead mounted archer on the ladder would have attempted to flee, but couldn't because the ones behind were still trying to climb and the whole group got "stuck".

Not sure whether to call it a bug, or if the whole thing went off as designed, but that battle makes a great story. I knew it was going to be a more costly assault than I was planning, but those archers getting stopped on that ladder put some suspense into the whole situation

FYI I had scaled that ladder and managed to kill off some of the defenders, and pull the rest in the immediate area into following me...then no one else came up the ladder behind me, and I got taken out of the battle before any back up troops arrived, so watched the whole thing play out in 3rd person camera view. If the troops on the ladder behind me had come on up, would have had both walls falling and would have lost a lot less troops.

Loving the new patch, by the way.

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I normally stay on the ladder for a bit killing guys with a pole arm, which causes a pileup behind me, and then when I finally push to the top, 4+ troops immediately join, making it much easier to flood that section of the wall


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Ladders and siege towers are still bugged. AI just can't handle climbing them properly. I find ordering them to 'charge' rather than 'advance' or giving AI control makes them better at moving up the ladders without getting stuck, though it still happens.


what seems to work best is having the infantry in shield wall the very base of the wall. The archers will go for them, and your archers behind the infantry in loose formation will pick them off the wall.
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