Resolved beta e1.4.1 Control groups are all mixed together in some siege battle

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Since AI refuse to climb ladders now, I have been manually command my sieges more. Then AI commander proceed to do this, mixing everyone together and make a mess of my command ability. This is the siege on Car Banseth for reference.

If I split the group, then they are still mixed melee and ranged only smaller in number.

If I order Loose formation so Archers can shoot, then Infantry don't bother to raise their shield to defend themselves from arrows and die.

If I order Shieldwall then most Archers cannot shoot because they are too bunched up, not to mention all the archers standing at the front of the shieldwall get no protection. So lots of my troops die because the defenders just have free reign to shoot at us.

Can we just leave the control groups alone please?


There is a fundamental problem with the delegation system.
Why is AI changing player army's formations at AI will?
AI must keep the player side army formation.

It also doesn't make sense that AI manipulates siege.


this has gotten worse in my current play-through, earlier it was the odd siege where it happened but now its everyone. even sieges where reinforcements aren't involved


I'm seeing this in the non-beta branch e1.4, too. Even with no custom groups, in offensive sieges I participate in, I have 3 mixed groups all acting as infantry. Archers won't even shoot.


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Community Support
The QA team could not reproduce this issue, it works as intended. Are you still having the same problem on our current build?
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