Resolved Beta [1.8.0] Town Governors displayed in the manage town/castle screen but are actually in other Settlements.

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Yes, I used mods.
Summary: I assign a companion as a governor and their perks are active. After some time they just leave and go to other cities but it is displayed in the manage town/castle screen that they are there but their perks are no longer active. However in the encyclopedia it lists where they actually are. I use party screen enhancement mod but it also happens when turned off. I can recall them to my party and make them governor again and they perks will be active but then they leave again with their ghosts floating behind in the manage screen.
How to Reproduce: Make a companion a governor and wait. It seems to happen after about a week game time but i cant figure out the trigger.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No
Scene Name (if related): Jaculan, Rhotea, Hertogea Castle, Thractorae Castle
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Computer Specs:
OS: Windows
GPU: RTX 2070 Super
GPU Driver Version: Unsure
CPU: i5 7700k
RAM: 32gb ddr4
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
This bug is only know to happend in Towns, there is several other posts about this topic.

The companions work as normal when governors in castles afaik.

So try to disable mods to see if that fixes it if they leave the castle.

As for the trigger imo it is the "wanderer" script kicking in in terms of them joining tournaments in other cities.
Sometimes its triggered when the tournament in your town is over, sometimes when a new starts in another, and sometimes when you just reload a save.
There isnt in my observations a 100% consistency to it.
I just know its so freaking annoying as most of the "points" of haveing a governor is wasted.
They do still retain 1 though, +1 or -1 based on the governor when out of town, but things like them building relations + militia and security etc is not there.(or not fully)(sometimes some of their perks like for security is still active "to be blunt" as its called I've seen)

But again from all previous observations it only happends in towns, and not castles.
So the castle part may be the mod, if it still persist after you've disabled and tried without mods, you should def upload a savegame.
Cause the "common" bug dont involve the castles, and thus you may have something similar but different.
I echo what Madeloc has reported happens in Towns, not castles, am on 1.80 (I think) with no modes is definitely still happening. Having said that I am enjoying the game very much.
on 1.02 in December the movement seems more frequent. In June you said it would be fixed on future patches. It is not, shouldn't this be listed as NOT resolved?
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