[BETA 1.8.0.] New Reinforcement system is cool, but the AI can't handle it

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The new Beta made huge steps in the right direction, but some aspects have been left behind. The new reinforcement system is obviously superior to the one that preceded it, but the AI just doesn't seem to grasp the idea that they need to back up.

Now, this is is, in fact a new problem: You could very obviously observe the AI retreating towards their spawn in previous versions, but now they don't, they just keep feeding units piecemeal, which is fine if the fight was stable but they do it regardless of the status of the frontline, wether they're fine or all dead.

I think I know the culprit. From the patch notes:
  • Changed the AI so that it now uses the formations' total power (including all unspawned troops) to decide battle tactics.
Basically, the AI does not perceive losses. Now, I understand what they were going for: the AI, in the case they are gravely outnumbered, might choose a more defensive strategy instead to mitigate losses. However, what actually happens now is that the AI stubbornly clings not just to one tactic but to ONE PIECE OF TERRAIN.

As a result, large battles in the hands of the AI are largely one sided-slaughters determined by the outcome of the infantry fight.

This is what I observed in my limited playtime so far
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