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[Beta 1.6.5] Smithing QoL

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Please fix the follwing issues:
1) Show bonuses in "thrown" display mode
When forging throwing weapons, the default information on the weapon is for "Thrown". However, in the "Thrown" display mode none of the bonuses you add to a weapon because it turns out to be a "Fine", "Masterwork" or even "Legendary" weapon are shown, not even the one from the "Sharpened Tip" perk. These only show up if you select the "One-handed" display mode of the weapon before forging it.
2) Make display choice sticky.
Additionally, that selection does not stick, meaning after each time you forge a throwing weapon with "one-handed" display mode selected, it resets back to "Thrown" after forging.
3) Make the pre-selected name sticky
If I plan to forge a series of identical weapons, it would be nice if the selected name would be sticky. This feature was already around in the past but got removed. Now, after each forging, the name resets to the default "Crafted <weapon type>" as name which can be quite annoying if you forget to change it and you get a really good smithing result. Being able to rename a weapon after it has been added to your inventory could be another option though


Reviving this topic to mention another (very simple) issue on the smithing screen.

If a player clicks almost anywhere on the screen where there is not a button, their cursor will get moved to another, specific point on the screen.
I don't know how/why this occurs but it is very simple to reproduce.
This is specifically frustrating when a player misclicks a button, and then the cursor goes on a completely different part of the screen and they have to move the mouse this whole path again. Unfortunately, the mouse is already at the edge of the mouse surface, so this also requires lifting the mouse up, moving it to the center of the surface and then moving again, destroying the quick "flow" of the smithing process.
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