In Progress Beta 1.5.10 Cannot marry my sons / daughters to other nobles

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No, I didn't use any mods.


My sons are 18 and 19, i can start the conversation to forge alliance through marriage, the NPC will then answer which of their family is looking to be married. So in the case its a 20 year old noblewoman, i can only chose "that might not work out". However i have good standing or bad standing does not matter. Sometimes though, they offer my sons the hand of a much older lady, like 40 year old and i can accept with "very good". It does also not matter if they other ladies are in fact "wandering" Lords, or static that are restricted to Governor / Noblei in fief duty.

This has worked in the past but maybe through the fix , the 20 year olds are not available for my sons.

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Have sons that are old enough to marry. Ask another Head of a Clan to forge an alliance through marriage. In case the girl / boy is close to the same age, no marriage option is given, only "this might not work out".

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Weird. I got Varic (brother), married. The sister I Don't bother with, as more valuable in the field than in some other clan :p


The brother worked, after talking to a lot of peeps. He is also older than my kids, obviously.

i uploaded a recent savefile. It even doesnt work with ladies of Clans that are part of my kingdom....


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I have tried to get my sons to marry but only seem to get the offer of their eldest daughter who could be fifty even though there are younger daughters. My eldest son is 30 and I am not marrying him to a 50 year old so no grandkids for me.


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Community Support
Hi, i have informed the devs about the issue and forwarded your save file. Thank you for reporting it in.


You gotta marry the them to the grannies and have them a hunting accident, then try to marry them to the younger one.

We really need to have the ability to "pick" the family member we want to get married our selves, not just get what is offered. The game seems to just throw the oldest unmarried one at you.


I was now able to marry them, but lots of nobles refused cause of no reason.... i didnt get any information what is causing the refusal
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