Resolved [BETA 1.4.1] Trade Perks still not working

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Summary: The whole seller perk at lvl25 is still not working ... The profits colors are not visible
How to Reproduce: Buy an item at any shop, try to resell it. The perks wont be active
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Version: BETA 1.4.1
Computer Specs
OS: W10
GPU: 5700xt
CPU: i7 7700k
RAM: 32Go
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd


With my game, it seems the two have switched abilities. I have whole seller, but my clothes and armor are showing the price difference.

Kea Black

Sergeant Knight at Arms
no the price difference indication should be the same for the two perks, like other same tier perks they share a common effect

the different part is that one should make selling equipment a little more profitable while the other should do the same for trading goods


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, some of the perks are not activated and will be changed/implemented to the game once their design is complete.
My understanding of this particular perk is that, as description says, when you sell equipment looted or selfmade, if sold, the profits are marked as XP. But so far i never got XP from selling equipment, from tournaments, looted or selfmade.
Am i getting something wrong here?
thanks for replies.
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