[Beta 1.1.0] - no Sieges for me anymore

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Hello Sirs and Ladies

I have searched the support forum and nobody have to have an issue with sieges in the newest beta version []. So, I just wanted to ask here for your experience?

In the beta version it is for me not possible to join a single siege not as the attacker nor as defender. As soon the battle order screen is over the game crash - or sometimes even before still in the loading screen to the battle order menu. I don’t use cheats nor mods and I find it strange that I’m the only one experiencing this rather nasty bug. I verified my game files more than once, started a whole new campaign removed possible commanders from units, try to be defender, attacker and so on. Still every time it comes to a siege as a part of an army it results in a crash. When I swich back to stable version I have again no problem with sieges. So there has to be a connection to a new feature, right?

Nobody else have the crash problem with sieges in the beta? This is the think I can’t believe that such a major bug occurs only to me. How is this possible am I the chosen one to crash?

I don’t what to open a ticket in the support when it’s only me experience this. There is already enough to fix 😊.

Maybe someone of you have a solution for this?
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