Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

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Speaking of exceptions, why do you think Bucellarii are so bad? They don't seem too different from Khuz HA on paper for armor and equipment except for 40 vs 48 arrows. The only downside I can see is having to go through 3 tiers of mediocre archers to get them. Am I missing something else?
Biggest and slower horse in class with poor horse armor. 8 less arrows then the standard khuzait. less body armor both on horse and Torso for the rider. the +10 bow skill can't really be seen and in melee they even have slower swing speed. overall it makes for the worst horse archer unit. this is both my opinion on the unit, my experience with them and also some testing that is kinda pointless to show.
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