BEST LAWS ( tell me your preference and if possible reason)

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Hello, all

I was wondering.. How you custom your Realm? What's that you consider to your GamePlay the best laws?

I was wondering, if some laws was best for specific cultures, or in the end would be the same. SOme cultures benefits more from some laws?

What's your choices?


If you start your own kingdom then you have to choice 4 policies!
Some policies who are great if you are a vassal or a ruler clan are:

council of the commons:
* This policy gives you more influence for each settlement you own it also gives you extra militia production! This one can be considered one of the best policies because settlements gain a ton of militia, which results into really hard cities to take over + you gain extra influence for the settlement.

* This is another great policy which grants every clan which is tier 3or above tier 3 0,5 influence. This is really nice for yourself and vassal to make more armies.

Castle Charters
* Reduces upgrade costs of upgrading your castle --> it is not bad but their are no negative effects

Noble Retinues
* This is a really overpowered policy, which influences the game so much. In one of my games the western empire has this policy and they started to make huge armies! This is one of the policies you always need to chose if you are a vassal or create your own kingdom. This is because it grants 50 more men to every clan who is tier 4+. It also used to give more influence but I have no idea if that is still the case in the last versions.

Some policies which are really nice for the ruler clan are:

Royal Guard
* This policy grants you 80 more men and gives the ruler 1 more influence. Overpowered in combination with Noble retinues. Now you can have a huge army by yourself
* The sad part is that other clans lose 0,2 influence each day!

Sacred Majesty
* Which gives the ruler clan a lot of influence!! ( which can results in thousands of influence). I don't know if the rules gets 3/5 influence each day but at least it grants the ruler a lot of power.
* It does have a consequences non-ruler clans lose 1 influence each day.

I also want to give some honorable mentions to:
* Grazing rights
* Feudal Inheritance
* Serfdom
* Hunting rights

Something I find funny is when you have a lot of charm and can gain extra influence by the policy Lawspeakers.
It grants extra influence to lords with high charming skills. It is not useful for the begin stage tho, this is because lords probably have much higher charm then you have. It is nice in the end game tho, when you have a lot of charm.

I hope this helps you!
Btw don't be harsh on my first posts! I hope to reply to more posts on the forum, because I am very excited for all the Bannerlord content to come!
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They need to make these laws into a tree structure. Too many of them to choose from if they are in a huge list.
Yes and add more accurate description to them during the "Create Kingdom" when you can choose 4. I take the one's to increase party size and the ones that make it easier for king to overrule.
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