Best-dressed Warrior

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That beard though... I want one.
Glue in the nipple, apparently. Or a vacuum space in her breast.

Anyway, guys, this is just an artistic representation, I don't believe Gilgamesh left any photos of his around. And since it is art, why not muscles and abs?
I can see something about "tool martial art" but the rest is old proto-hiragana that i can't read.

Reminds me of this political cartoon of the same era where samurai and civilians with different themed heads are fighting. It's supposed to represent new vs old with trouserhead fighting kimonohead, coffeehead fighting teahead and so on.

Edit: found it.
Vicccard said:
Maybe in Brazil. In my country, society has a somewhat...different outlook on the military.
Same here in Sweden, not to mention that ending up in afghanistan probably dosen't make things easier. I sure wouldn't want to get blown up by a bomb or get captured by the talibans.
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