Best 2nd tier archer for siege defense (besides Rhodok)

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Greetings! :smile:

Lords, even the upstanding and goodnatured ones are just a bunch of crybabies. I don't like them and don't want them on my future new Kingdom. I may list a number of reasons but even with Diplomacy Mod it's more enjoyable for me to spend more time garrisoning towns/castles than pleasing lords that get a rep hit just because they were not able to win a battle.

Tax inefficiency will obviously be a problem even with enterprises on every town. So for going solo, I need to think at a good cost/benefit siege defense. 2nd tier archers (lvl 14/15) seem to be very good for a garrison for shooting the attackers while maybe lower tier infantry tries to hold the enemy.

Some may disagree, but I think Rhodok Trained Crossbowman are the best. But I need another kingdom's troops because even with Diplomacy's Constable it will take a lot of time to manually occupy every castle/town with just one kind of archer.

- The problem about Vaegirs in this case is that their equal in cost are the Skirmishers. They seem to catch up with Rhodoks just later on.

- Swadians same thing, but probably they are much worse than the Vaegir.

- Khergits seems an interesting option, but I don't know if all the Horseman carry bows or some just "throwing stuff" and how good they are.

- Nords have the Nord Archer which seems a good choice. Problem is that I will already use them as my main melee defense which leads to the same issue as the Rhodoks.

- Sarranids are also Skirmishers at the same level.

Bonus Question: Between 100 Nord Trained Footman and 200 Nord Footman, which would you prefer? Does the low level footman already throws some good axes at the heads of the invaders?

Thanks in advance.
I think best option would be Swadians, because they keep shooting much longer then any archer, the archers will be out of ammo by the second wave of enemy.

Oh sorry, I've been away from the Forums for some time and forgot that there is a Single Player Forum. I will lock the topic and re-post there. Admins may delete as soon as they wish.

But thanks for the reply Firunien, I didn't know that Swadians could hold more time :smile:
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