Bellum Imperii: Downloads - 1.5.2 Released!

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- Introduction -
Bellum Imperii is an complete overhaul modification for M&B: Warband. It represents ancient Europe and parts of Africa and Asia during Marcus Aurelius reign of the Roman Empire.​
- Important Links -

Installation guide:
- Download 1.5.2
- Use winrar or Zip to unpack the downloaded files into your warband/module folder.
- Launch warband and play the mod!

Adviced Configuration options.- Video - Use Pixel Shaders - Load Textures On Demand



  • Mod Features
    - 27 Historical Factions
    - +60 Towns, +80 Strongholds (castles) and +300 Villages.
    - +1000 different ancient items.
    - New Campaign map displaying Europe, North-Africa and minor-Asia
    - New Unique troop trees for every faction.
    - Hundreds of new troops, from Roman legionaires to Parthian Cataphracts!
    - Complete scene overhaul, visit historical locations like Rome, Alexandria, Byzantium and Carthago!
    - New Graphical designs.
    - New Banners
    - New background music
    - New Icons

    Gameplay Features:
    - Freelancer
    - Diplomacy
    - Formations & Tactics
    - Sea travel & Warfare
    - Camps where you can recruit unique legions, Greeks, Egyptians and more!
    - Battle continuation on death
    - World Map


Changelog 1.5.2

Added - Jewish bandits around Jerusalem (bandit parties)
Added - Illyrian Bandits around Salona (bandit parties)
Added - Nubian Raiders around Memphis (bandit parties)
Added - Kushan Raiders around Aspahan (bandit parties)
Added - Small intro before character creation
Added - New shirts that were not used from the brf’s.
Added - New Dacian mail
Added - New Dacian shields
Added - New Roman shirts
Added - New German shirts & pants
Added - New Briton shirts & pants
Added - Goat helmets
Added - New German shields
Added - New African shields
Added - New Eastern shields
Added - New Eastern helmets
Added - More horse variants to the shops
Added - More axe, spear and sword variants for the Germanic and Briton factions.
Added - Head clothing to Parthian Horseman & Horse Archers
Added - New buildings (Blacksmith & Palisades)
Added - More helmet variants to greek mercs
Re-added - Carthage and Spartan equipment (Not historical, for anyone’s personal use)

Changed - Starting background Legionnaire Warrior to be more general used.
Changed - Starting background Senator to Noble with the same reason as stated above ^
Changed - Roman army compositions (More recruits and legionnaires, less praetorians and arm legionaries)
Changed - Re-done the majority of the weapon prices and stats (damages).
Changed - Various town economies
Changed - Roman troop faces (no more beards)
Changed - Roman recruit troop clothes
Changed - Roman aux troop clothes
Changed - All the shields of the Roman factions to somewhat match their faction.
Changed - Overhauling all troop levels
Changed - Increased Dacian falxmen stats
Changed - Roman Faction colours based on their troop clothing (Optional with file)
Changed - Rugii & Jazy faction colours
Changed - Popup text when on the campaign map.
Changed - Main menu back to older and better version.
Changed - Escape menu
Changed - Roman troop stats, mainly lowering wps
Changed - All archers / skirmishers wp so they don’t only have archery or throwing wp
Changed - Parthian troop faces

Fixed - German troop faces
Fixed - Arena scene prop in German towns
Fixed - Roman Tribune & Chain armors (invisible body)
Fixed - Enterprises (Enterprises popup on the income list, can build them in all towns)
Fixed - Player having an enormous family
Fixed - Lord’s name changes to strings
Fixed - German building props with bugged roof textures
Fixed - Double textured trees
Fixed - Recruiters not moving
Fixed - Freelancer Promotions
Fixed - Player clones when defending village against bandits
Fixed - (Workaround) Continuous Lady courtship error popping up
Fixed - Battle size back to normal (30 -> 150, can be adjusted with the battle sizer tool)
Fixed - Ordering errors
Fixed - Debug report Carthago having to many trade routes
Fixed - OP Woman head cloth
Fixed - Not being able to move on the campaign map further west and north
Fixed - Background after capturing a town or castle being white.
Fixed - Londinium hall scene
Fixed - Clipping errors with the footwear and clothes
Fixed - OP swords in tournaments

Removed - Double lances on Parthian horsemen
Removed - Generalum Superbo
Removed - Unnecessary textures / files
Removed - (Temp) The not working buildings, including the academy. Until a fix is found.
Removed - Some left over Calradia mentionings
Removed - Native dress in Eastern shops
Removed - Couple of native Khergit helmets
Removed - Native woman clothes being used on troops

Planned for 1.5.3 / 1.6
Invasion factions
Overhauling NPC dialog
Dropbox 0.3 cant be downloaded.

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cant wait to play  :grin:
Daniel. said:
So this is just a rebrand of your old mod, what was it "Rome at War"? or what?

May I also point out that Rome at War is very much alive under a team of skilled modders.

Grats on the board Gokiller, no clue how you got it but grats anyway :wink:
Oh, well they were both about Rome and all that. Whatever happened to the "Rome at War" mod? I always prefered MP mods myself.

KickingJoub said:
May I also point out that Rome at War is very much alive under a team of skilled modders.

Ah, very good.
Haven't been in to that, but yeah probably putted it a bit wrong there. It's simply the people like Marcus Aurelius etc. Appologies. Never really thought about that.
Well, do you plan on adding special historical NPCs that give quests, etc., besides the generic lords? :smile:
The Teutoburg disaster happened during Augustus' reign, this mod is set During Marcus Aurelius' wars of defense against the Parthian tribes in the east and the barbarian tribes on the Rhine and Danube limes
So can anyone give a status update on this mod? Is it still incomplete?

What is it about Warband that seems to generate tons of incomplete mods? I have never played a single mod for Skyrim that wasn't completed & polished to give it that extra shine.

I'm tired of playing mods for Warband that are incomplete, full of bugs & always seem to never get finished & eventually are discarded by the original designers...Guess I'll stick with Tocans' Calradia for the rest of my life..So dismal
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