Bellium Imperium is Bae <3

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Ahoy scrubs!

Thought I share with you guys a really cool Total Conversation mod that I found out recently.

And yes, I know its been out for a while but JUST LISTEN TO ME.

The mod that I am talking about is Bellium Imperium. Bellium Imperium is a total conversation mod for Mount and Blade Warband and it's focused on Rome's reign. The mods contains numerous unique factions with their distinct rosters(Rome, Numidian Tribes(Berber), Dacia(Falx <3), Germanic Tribes(Suebi) and even the Parthia(Catafreakingphracts).

There's countless amounts of cities and villages to visit and it's overally just a fantastic mod.

I''m currently on a 1000+ day Saramtain Campagian and I have currently taken over the Steppes, Balkans, Germany, Gaul, Italy and I'm closing in on Britain and Iberia.

The map is huge and will definitely keep you conquering for all your warlords  :twisted:

So yeah, give this mod a try. I think it really has a lot of potenital and I can't wait for the next update <3.
Just a quick heads up to everyone who wants to try out Bellium Imperium...

Bellium Imperium is not exactly a "easy" mod. It's based on Brtenwalda and you are gonna be in for a challenge if you never turned the difficulty setting over 70%.

Also, Bellium Imerpium is still a work-in-progress so there will be a lot of bugs.(Like sailing on a boat while I'm on land)

You also need to realize that Rome is obviously a very powerful faction and their rosters are arguably superior than most over factions. (Legionaries (T3) will rek most barbarian troops unless they are T4 or higher).

Play on 144% difficulty if your feeling suicidal  :twisted:
gokiller said:
I'm confused.  :lol:


Jk I hoped that my post would attract more attention to this mod but it got moved instead so yeh

Aka I got rekted ;-;
Yes, especially the last week we've been able to make some good progress on the scening department. The cities of Byzantium, Jerusalem and Dimmidi were finished and Rome is getting a full overhaul.

Can't say anything about a possible release date though.
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