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Being knocked off your horse

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Not likely to happen though, since this thread was created in 2005, when the first versions were released, and since it hasn't been implied in any other versions, I really doubt it. But some mods may have it thought, if you search around or make one yourself.
okiN said:
Now that we have riders knocking footmen over, why not have riders occasionally get knocked off their horses?
I agree, it should be more realistic... but should not happen too often otherwhise it would be stressful; just with very powerful strikes.
This would be awesome for 16th century mods. I find it extremely stupid that when you have pikemen in formation Cavalry charge goes right trough my formation. It would be awesome to see half of the charge fly of their horses.
The only animation of people falling off horses is when they fall unconscious/die. I suspect Armagan wanted to add that feature but didn't have the time. Mayhaps with Warband?
Armagan said:
I'll add knocking off mounted opponets as soon as I can find the time. But I'll be working on module tools and bug fixes for some time to come...

So... any luck with that?
I disagree. It's already way too easy to kill the horse, so making it even more easy to get you off will make cavalry extremely weak.
Well then, shouldn't the horse not be able to run as fast when the horse gets shot in the leg?
Should the horse panic if it gets hit, and be uncontrolable?
Shouldn't a dude die when he gets overrun by a huge strong armored horse?

I think it will become unballanced. I think it's fine as it is.
Unhorse feature is an excellent idea which I gladly cheer from the realism crowd.

As with most game changes I approve of,
my only stipulation is to consider making it an optional setting
just so people who want more action and less realism can still play the original style.
When a horse gets hit, maybe it would be a little more realistic if it at least makes a sound. But please, no disabling features.
okiN said:
Now that we have riders knocking footmen over, why not have riders occasionally get knocked off their horses?

Example one: I charge an enemy horseman head-to-head and give him a massive blow with a two-handed axe or slam my lance into him dead center, but for some unfathomable reason, he doesn't die. I want to see the bastard go flying after something like that, dead or alive.

Example two: I'm a pikeman and this really, really nasty-looking knight is bearing down on me. I ready my pike, and just as he's about to lop my head off, I shove my pike straight into his chest. What happens now? He flinches and rides on past me. What do I want to happen? I want him to fall off his horse with a thump, so that I can nail him to the ground with my big, pointy stick.

So basically, when a rider gets a hard blow from the direction into which he's riding, I want there to be a chance that the impact will knock him off his horse. The horse can go forward a bit, gradually slow down, then stop about fifty to a hundred metres away from where the rider fell off. The rider, on the other hand, will be thrown in the exact same way as if his horse had been killed. He'll get up (If given the chance), walk over to his horse and remount it, assuming he can fight his way over to it. Sound good to anyone?

On an unrelated note: armagan, when are we going to be able to recruit Dranton and that guy in Dhorak Keep? I want more heroes!

Sure.  Toss in a bill hook or give polearms with hooks the ability to pull riders down.
I support this. This should be no doubt a thing to improve for realism sake. It would also add nice immersion for the game as well.

Also the damage taken on these example situations should be increased massively. Current speed multiplier for weapons damage isn't IMO yet enough. Especially if two horses racing by each other and other rider swinging other with a big axe. The one who facing this axe shouldn't have any chance of survival.
Great idea, it would give me much satisfaction to see my character knocking mounted troops off their horses  :grin:
I think with a lance short or two handed weapon especially, there's no way that the rider shouldn't be going down.

I don't have any experience with horses or the way knights mounted them, but I'm pretty sure they had their feet in stirrups and there were other measures to keep them mounted..maybe I'm wrong?

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