Being a Vassal is a scam

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You gain it too slowly and loose it too fast, specially if the kingdom has the trial by jury policy

That does not mean its broken, lets just get that straight.
And have you tried this neat little trick of donating prisoners to your factions city dungeons. Now there, we can talk about broken things :smile:
In what way is it broken?
Multiple people are having issues with having and spending plenty of accrued influence to gain feifs and advance their positions within their respective kingdoms and getting absolutely nowhere with it. The system is sort of broken in the fact that most lords are being extremely jealous and keeping most feifs for themselves rather than providing some for their vassals to govern under their watch.
In my game, after some time of normal situation, Empress Rhagaea also takes every newly conquered fief for herself, "despite ajority against it". It's a bug for me.
I've noticed that the faction leaders are very greedy when it comes to fiefs and often wins by default even if you spend a lot of influence.
Yes. Ruler doesn't give away any towns or castles he has.
Obviously it's a common thing.
But, well, if nobody would hate me for that and still would be part of my Kingdom, I wouldn't give them away too. :lol:
I believe you have to give your kingdom the dragon banner to get the king to give you a fief.

I gave to dragon banner to the empress of the Southern Empire, then swore vassalage in the same conversation. About a week later there was an election over a city. I was not on the ballot, but the empress overruled everyone's vote and gave me the city (for which I did nothing to earn).

It seems if you give them the dragon banner they may owe you a favor or something. I never got any fiefs after this, though.
Getting a fief isn't impossible, fiefs are distributed based on clan renown and influence spent. If you're a lowly tier 3 clan and there are tier 4 or tier 3 clans with more influence they'll get feifs first, teir 5 clans will have multiple fiefs before the tier 3 clans even get 1.
The ruler also matters, some of the rulers (consistently) hoard territory for themselves, read up on their encyclopedia page [n] before declaring for them. Also save up your influence, putting 300 points into a vote can get you easily up to 33% on your own, build relations with other lords and they'll vote for you also. And if you have bad relations with the king you may as well rebel because its going to be a slog.
In my recent game (1.0.:cool: I was given a city a few days after joining a faction. How? I joined as a teir 4 clan which bumped me past the southern empires 4 landless teir 3 clans in priority.
So, I was just reading this and thinking. I am King of my own Kingdom. And my vassals take castles and Cities.. I only award them to Tier 5 clans, with enough members to support both running the town with a governer and having people patrol. AND they have to have good relations with me, or I will assume they will take my territory to another kingdom. Why would the game be any different. Give a fief to a Tier 2 landless nobody... hell no...
I gave the banner to Rhagea fought in 2 sieges didn't receive anything Game is dangerously close to being uninstalled.
I can assure you, it doesn't matter if other lords like you. lol.
I am a vassal of the Aeseri, I married the sultan's daughter and instantly got 75 relation with the entire royal family.
Was given the first city to fall, Poros, i've held this city ever since and put the sultans daughter in charge of it. Since then, i've been given Zeronica, and lost it while off fighting another war, then came back and was gonna recapture it before they delcared peace.
Then we captured Vostrum and it was 60% in my favor but I still dumped max influence on it to shoot it up to about 80% and who the hell is gonna argue with the Sultan's son in law? No one. I got it.
But of course this was all after a very bloody rage filled months of heavy war in which I executed about 30+ nobles from the western and southern empires for daring to attack my towns and villages. Attack me in the fields, fine you are my prisoner. Attack my cities and villages I will chop your head off.. but apparently some of my Aeseri lords were distant friends with some Imperial lords so they were not happy I cut their friends' friends uncles roomates step-brothers head off..

Despite several of my fellow lords having -100 relations with me, I got a 2nd city with way more prosperty then my first and now i'm rolling in the money with 2 cities and one with over 13,000 prosperity, cha ching.
Being a tier 5 clan, related to the ruling family, certain policies I shoved thru have boosted my influence up to 10 a day, and I never spend it on voting for other castles and cities, just don't vote, that's an option. Don't spend it on a castle whom 3 other lords are up for and you don't care who wins.

I should add, even among my own faction, many lords think I am a murdering pyschopath who likes to chop peoples heads off and no one will do anything about it because I am, stupid rich, have the largest standing army next to the Sultans, and oh yeah, I married the Sultan's daughter.
But the Sultan loves me! I keep giving him castles and cities and helping him on the battle field! The only one in the royal family who doesn't care for me is my wife! who has a relation of 0 with me!
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