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yes, patience is a must for me. I like play slow, and do a lot of things like in a RPG.

As I do in many Rpg's, I have a PC male and a PC female, with their own backgrounds.

The male character is named Ambrosius MacLea, a Roman-British man that has some Roman and some Celtic traits into hisself, and that has an interest to see Britannia unified (like some NPC's also say) under a Celtic king. As every Roman, he shave his beard (the character hasn't any beard or moustaches) but as every Briton, he dislike Angles and Saxons, calling them "invaders": only Britons can rule Britannia, barbarians must be convinced to submit, or battled until they come back in their homeland.
Romans are another thing entirely, after all these centuries they are part of the Briton people, well mixed, then can stay without problem in the land.

Usually Ambrosius wear Celtic dresses, and use Celtic weapons, mixed with a "Roman stile" of fight: e.g. sword, shield (mostly Celtic) and sling or javelins (like a Roman auxiliary)

The female character is an irish lady named Marian MacMéabh (father freeman-retainer apprentice-bard) a warrior bard descendant of the powerful warrior Queen Maeve (anc. irish: Méabh) depicted in Cuchulinn saga, then sure a pretender of the Connaught throne, and a sworn enemy of Ulaid-of course.

Much bardic, beautiful and deadly she combat without shield, only with sword, and has a fierce sense of her own power and independence, then not any lord has a chance to attract her attentions.

While Ambroius is already formed, Marian need time for a better development, after ending Ambrosius campaign I will take my time for see what the woundrous warrior bard can do in the isle of Eiriu...

About pictures, I will do some and pass very gladly.

A final note: I had some doubt about use familiar names: Mac is proper of Irish and Scots, Welsh use the "p" form Map or Ap, but I remember that Howard used the form "Mak" with his Bran Mak Morn character, then I'm again usnsure if Ambrosius can be MakLea o MacLea.

Of course, I have unite the pronoun and the family name, following some scottish use like "Maclellan" MacAlpine" and so on.

Maybe seem strange that an italian like me know so much about Britannia and welsh-scots-british ways? well, I ever liked this age, and of course, Arthur saga and his times. Also I have some fond with Britain history, and I hope that sooner or later someone realize a Warband mod in the Roses war, a fascinating moment of Britain history, or maybe, using WFAS, a mod on English Civil war. 



Hey yo wassap, great guide.

I don't think anyone already mentioned it, but I used to buy cattle from villages. If its less than 300 per cow, i'll buy it. Slaughter then get the fresh beef and hides. Hides can be sold at 300. 1 cow gives like 2 hides and 2 fresh beef.


I also want to ask a question. Seems like when I recruit from villages, it gets expensive everytime. I had a character, -1000 reputation and 900+ renown. Nobody likes me there. And I was having a tough time recruiting new units. Recruiters from my town don't ever come back. I see them around the map not moving. I think this is a bug or something. But I cant even recruit from my own villages coz is cost like 12,000 for 12 pettas. WTF. Can someone help me?


My guide for Brytenwalda.

Best to start near the faction of Bernaccia, will tell you why later on.

The first thing I do is go to the villages and buying cattle for less than 300 gold. I also try to recruit if any would care to join me. Buying all the cattle I could get, I set out for any of the towns of Bernaccia mainly Loidis and Eoforwick or whatever its called. I slaughter my cattles and sell the hides for 280 gold or more. If its below 280, I guess its fine since you already get a lot of profit from selling all the beef and hides. I find this to be the easiest way to get rich.

Looking out for bandits and attacking those that have prisoners. Buy cattle and recruit in villages as much as possible. Attack all the bandits that you feel you can win. This will get you renown and experience for your men. Once you get enough gold, try setting up enterprises. I chose making a tannery in Gwent, Dyfed and Brycheniog. Tanneries there would give you 500+ gold (somehow mine is 900). But still choose the one with greater profits.

Once my warband is a little strong, try joining a faction. Starting as a mercenary is better than being a vassal. Since you could leave and join others without the consequence of your liege getting mad at you. Making friends is very important later on in the game. Do tasks for the lords and help them out as much as possible during battles or sieges. From here on, choose the lord that you want to be affiliated with and look for a future wife.

Loot villages and bring the cattle. Slaughter the cattle and bring the hides to your tanneries inventory. This is probably the only enterprise where its easy to supply the raw materials.

Once you're set and your weekly budget will bring you thousands of income instead of expense, join a faction as a vassal. Village is the only fief they would give you, which is okay coz it adds income.

During war, follow the marshal and help him. Make him your friend. Make everybody in the faction your friends. So when the time comes and you friends siege a town, help them. When won ask them if they would support you to get the town. When 5 or more agrees that you should get the town, the king will give it to you. (I ordered my men to join the siege without me, i had only 70 men. But with my allies it was 1k. No effort whatsoever)

Now you have your own town which will make you even richer and will help give you more men. Tell the constable to recruit 50 people. Do this 4 times, you get 200 recruits. Do all of the above for awhile and tell your companions to spread the word that you should be the rightful king.

I advise to not try and get your own kingdom unless you can get 300+ troops in your warband with a lot of heavy infantry and 150k+ gold. This will support your expenses while looking for a town to conquer.

My guide ends here coz I havent gone to the part of making my own kingdom yet.

Be loyal to your liege for the time being and make friends as much as possible so they will join you once you get your own kingdom.



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Like you point out, Brytenwalda 1.41 only has a few strategies that enable survival and moderately rapid progress.
Brytenwalda reworked weakened a few of those strategies and added about 10 more strategies for achieving early success.
This should be like the real world, not some cheat guide.


gdwitt said:
Like you point out, Brytenwalda 1.41 only has a few strategies that enable survival and moderately rapid progress.
Brytenwalda reworked weakened a few of those strategies and added about 10 more strategies for achieving early success.
This should be like the real world, not some cheat guide.

Can you name some of the strategies? So I can play with a different style


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Trading is more profitable. Trading with villages is more profitable. You need good trade skill though.
Guiding trade caravans is 3 times more profitable.
And capturing and ransoming prisoners is twice as profitable.
Buying shops of all kinds should be twice as profitable.
In BW, only the wineries made a slight profit after 20 weeks.
In repolished, it was breweries after 15 weeks.
I would like it so that half of the towns could have a different enterprise that would show profit after 12-15 weeks.

Prisoners is why I completely revised the weapons.
Every weapon now has a toggle blunt form.
Whey you order your troops to use blunts, I'm trying to get the mod to the point where they will all respond appropriately.
If you capture 10 bandits, that's 1200 or so gold which is a nice sword.
In Brytenwalda 141, you would get 500 or so and there really were no effective blunt weapons.
the best strategy in 141 is to play as bandit, use various cheats like selling to caravans or stealing and killing cattle, or just mere perseverance.


Yo, so I made my own kingdom. Took a Mumain town and castle in Briton lands. Made Frioc and Arthur lords. Made war with Mierce. 2 lords join me. I capture Penda. They surrender and faction is lost. Then 1 lord rebelled and took my castle. Defeated Mierce again, then the same lord joined me again. He rebelles on me 3 times even though his relation with me was 36. I decided to kill that traitorous bastard. Suddenly everyone declared war on me. WTF?? I kill the traitor and that happens? What can I do to have peace in my kingdom? Everybody liked me before I killed him. What can I do? Help please. Really frustrating. Coz I helped a lot of lords and took a lot of time to make my kingdom.


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What mod are you playing again? It sounds like there is a severe universal trigger for killing a Lord.
I didn't change that in Reworked and haven't seen it scripted.
If 80% of the map is at war with you, I would give up or go back to a prior save game.

I did add several of mechanisms for handling war with many factions (but less than 60%).
You can gift via emissaries in amounts of 5000 and the gifts yield twice the reward.
But only send them now to factions that are at -3 or higher.
Even more importantly, put campaign AI to poor in Game options
In Reworked, this makes it very hard for the enemy to coordinate attacks and half their Lords will just stay home.
They won't offer peace terms until about 24 days have passed; 30 in Brytenwalda.
At that point, start buying factions off starting with the enemies that have the best relationship level.

I can script other mechanisms to improve relations.
When your relation is positive (and still at war), send an emissary with high persuasion to start a peace treaty.
It is not easy, but it has been nearly impossible to keep a kingdom for several years in Brytenwalda.
If you succeed, please keep us


Not sure on what version but ita Brytenwalda. I sent gifts to factions with -3 or so relations and we made peace. Then they make alliances with those who are at war with me and they join the war. So no progress on peace. Cant reload a saved game coz I put it in realistic.

I downloaded repolished awhile back but it wont work so I stuck with the original game.


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That's how it works: it's hard to keep them out of the war camp unless they are actually enemies with others.
That's why I'm always careful to start a kingdom in a location where my big neighbors are in war across the map.

The few players who make it past 30 days usually cheat big time with these gifts survive the first few days.
If you're playing Brytenwalda Reworked (version 22 or 23), I can generate custom code for you to get out of the dilemma.
Does realistic mean you don't have a money cheat?
If it's reworked, think of a few dynamics you would like to change that involve money or transactions.
I'll add them and amplify them to give you more results per scilling.


I meant realistic saving, cant reload older saves.

Havent been cheating when I made the kingdom. Started doing it with all the wars. I already went a long way andd a lott of factions started giving me treaties until I killed the lord.

Thanks for the help tho. Was just curious if there was a way to do it without the cheats. Also found out that with good rep, lords will like you like +1 relation. Takes a hell a lot of time tho coz of -30+ opinion on me.


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Actually, only good natured and one other personality type will like you.
These Lords should be at +90 or so with you and even war won't cause them go negative.
In low campaign AI, you can meet them individually, and give them troop gifts and even convert them easily.
The only Lords that will seige you for over a day will be the Martial and Cunning types.

Do you find that having a positive relation with a Lord from an at-war faction prevents them from attacking your kingdom?
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