BECOME A SUPPORTER!! (1755/1776/1860s Supporter Pics)


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Thx very much  for reviving this old Thread!
It is becomingan "Annual posting Thread" here, since once again the last one posting did that more than 1 year ago and he was the last Supporter. I m very happy to see that some are still enjoining my  mods  :wink:

Thx for supporting!


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1755 should be my preferred one, by age and combat style, I'm really waiting for a new release.
Quick suggestion to bypass the market crash that sometimes happens.
Don't use shortcuts, best to walk, speak and sell (save) speak and buy (my few crashes happen now, moving the bar looking for more clothes or weapons).


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I just recently re-installed this mod. It still remains my favorite Gabrilduro mod of all time. Having fun replaying it and hearing the old tunes again.

You should do a new version of this for Bannerlord Gabbi and if you do you never know who might stop by. :wink: