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Jason L.

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  I'm happy to hear from you . 
  I was impressed by the changing so many things in the game , transforming it to a totally different dimension . It is a game built up to represent medieval battles after all..
  You, and your team, have been so intelligently balancing things in the right way to make this possible.
  It was so fun firing with a revolver, and it felt like realistic. I mean there was a difference when handling this or a rifle ..
  I'm so new in this that I have to ask you if there are animals to hunt in 1755 , like in 1860..
I had some hard time finding a quick description of your mods. You know ... things like new features introduced , factions (with some description) , hunting , freelancing , or whatsoever ...
  It seems that , from yesterday night, Dr Tomas is buck  calling for a final testing of The final version of 1257AD. I must go buck and finish this. It is a question of honor . I've been testing it for a long time and I feel that my experience is needed . He 's been working hard and we owe him this . I'm a total ignorant with complicated things like coding (and too old to learn now) so it is the only way I can help.
  That being said , I have been looking forward on giving it a try with your mods . Thats why, as soon as I could , I downloaded two of them. I repeat that I was amazed ... The most important thing that there is for creating a successful mod is balancing the newly introduced features , I think , and in this you have been great. Thanks so much...       


Cant stop playing this mod. Amazing work.
But there is a few things that i don't like. Bugs. And things i think should be added.

-Always running out of video memory bug.
-Always having town looted and burned when i die.
-The plains Indians cavalry.
-A way to get CU Infantry with out going around to taverns finding euro mercenary's/having to take on bandits to then hire townsmen after the battle
-Maybe make it harder for troops to lose moral?
-When i go into large battles all my terrible troops come in first and i pretty much always loose when it happens.

-What i think should be added-
-Being able to make your own camp by setting up camp. Then for like 30,000 dollars you can start to build a fort in that spot Much like the "Bytenwalda" mod
-Improved artillery


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Thx for ur posts but please remember what this Topic was about:

-Become an Official Gabrilduro's Mods SUPPORTER-, which means adding a SUPPORTER PIC to your profile and following the kind advises that I wrote here,163810.msg3963559.html#msg3963559

In case you just want to ask or say other things, please choose one of the Topics that fits better with your post.  :wink:

Still supporting, and still playing! One of my favorite mods of all time! I'll only have two more weeks to play this before I'm in BCT for the Army, but I hope to be able to buy myself a decent gaming laptop to play this when I have three seconds of free time, and it'll be just as fun as it is now, actually probably a bit more so.


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Gabi, awesomes mods!!! But cant play both of them(american and old frontier) they crash always. Already fix the battle size, graphics(use to play brytenwalda in medium grapsh with no problem), diplomacy all corrected. Still crash on battles, in the middle of the battle. Start fight and then like 4 mins of battle the game crash :s help???


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Captured Joe said:
I suspect it's a problem with the WB (updated) version; maybe you can download an earlier version and play that not using Steam?
well that seems superior to my computer skills ehehehe how can i play off steam? how can i download a lower version without change the actual?


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Captured Joe said:
I suppose it's somewhere in here:
Joe that wont overwrite my new version? or can be apart? Wich should i take?. Thanks for the attention men.


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Got it men, totally working! Download the 1.143 version, full working men love you thanks for all!!! SUCh A AWESOME MOD!


I am new to Warband (just discovered it a couple months ago on Twitch) and after a few days of playing Native tried the 1776 mod. It's very good, but too many bugs and I didn't understand how to play correctly until the only enemy forts left were on islands that I couldn't access due to bugs. So I quit that and tried 1755 Old Frontier. Great stuff, many thanks to Gabrilduro and the dev team for this fun mod.

The only bug I ran into is the Sea Raiders, same as Pirates in 1776. Entering any battle with Sea Raiders or pirates causes a CDT. Even with battle set to smallest size and low graphic settings. I'm not sure it has anything to do with any settings. When I win a land battle with some faction and find Sea Raider prisoners to Hire, even clicking on them in the list crashes the game. No battle size or graphics or anything else involved in that case. It's not even a battle. I'm just in the Party window.

Otherwise, great mod, so much fun. I love the setting and uniforms and weapons. So many trees, but that's how it was back then, and it helps me hide sometimes. I chose Wild Frontier before I read about how Gab made it hardest for them! Actually, there have been good periods of peace or war with only Spain for a long time. We were only at war with everyone for a very short time. I'm doing much better this time in gaining friends and fiefs. I use the cannon cheat only when accidentally seriously outnumbered or to begin sieges where there are cannons sitting there. I took a couple forts without it as well. Some native "archers" have only throwing tomahawks and their range is useless going up against European soldiers, but that's how it goes. With enough hired mercs and good positioning, my small force can generally succeed against very large ones in the battlefield. As long as I don't get killed stupidly first.

Commerce seems much harder in 1755. In 1776 it was easy to get rich just moving cotton. In this mod I have a lot of businesses and got rich that way instead.

I'll try the 1860s mod after I help the Wild Frontier tribes kick all the white people out of America.

Any advice on dealing with Sea Raiders bug would be appreciated.


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Thx v m Cerebus for reviving this old Thread!
More than 1 year ago there was the last Supporter and I m very happy to see that some are still enjoining my old mods 1755 1776  :wink:
I see ur true and genuine apreciation of the work done and of the mechanics of the gameplay that I intended.
Thx for supporting!
I will answer to u deeper here,163475.700.html
I have played all 3 of Gabrilduro's mods.  They are great.  I have enjoyed them to no end.  I appreciate the effort made by someone like Gabrilduro to create a game all of us can enjoy.  Yeah any game can be improved but it is infinitely harder to create than to criticize.  Keep up the great work and wish you happiness in your life.  Thanks.


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Thx very much  for reviving this old Thread!
It is becomingan "Annual posting Thread" here, since once again the last one posting did that more than 1 year ago and he was the last Supporter. I m very happy to see that some are still enjoining my  mods  :wink:

Thx for supporting!
1755 should be my preferred one, by age and combat style, I'm really waiting for a new release.
Quick suggestion to bypass the market crash that sometimes happens.
Don't use shortcuts, best to walk, speak and sell (save) speak and buy (my few crashes happen now, moving the bar looking for more clothes or weapons).
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