Become a MODDER! ...and make your OWN MOD!

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Mmmm...right!  :roll:

As the title says, folks.
"Become a MODDER! ...and make your OWN MOD!"

Oh...yes. You can learn how to mod and become good...and then share your work.
But one suggestion from Old Gab:
be ready to dedicate ALL your FREE time to it and to IGNORE the tons of problems that all this will bring to you.
And not only about the "technical" problems...but about things that will KILL your MOTIVATION!

Things that tried to describe once and clearly here:  :twisted:

Dermik said:
Gabrilduro i am not one of those trolls that you're talking about on the MODDB but really. You might try to act better when people tell you something. Also. I saw that when someone makes critics, You just blow and make yourself look bad.
And! Please don't write EVERYWHERE to play your mod, again, people will hate you for that. I know there is alot of work in modding. I am a modding too so i understand.
But you don't need to write it. I bet people play your mods as i do because they are just great. Just your acting with people is not that "nice" you write on here like some SWAG SWAG man. I like that you try to be acting more "naturaly" but sometimes it is better to write like other modders, you gain respect and also people will see you as a profesional at modding.
Just a little suggestion, that had to kick you and make you act a bit more "serious". :smile:
I hope this is enough CONSTRUCTIVE for you, and doesn't make you feel insulted or like i am a "Troll".

Good luck with other projects and best regards.
-Ginufe also known as Dermik
First of all, thx for deleting the new Topic that u made just for ...such an issue ("Please Gabrilduro")
This Topic can contain any kind of subject and ... we will not have ANOTHER Topic that has my name in it, so that some "folks" could get irritated with it!  :twisted:

I feel that ur comment is genuinely sincere and willing to be "constructive", yes, ...but is not at me that U have to point ur attention.
I am the one that WORKS at the project, answers to any kind request or/and criticism...but also reacts when rude people attack me or my work, of course.  :roll:
If U check old 0.81 version and this 0.99T update, U will see a complete new Mod, thanks ALSO to the TONS of suggestion and "constructive criticisms" that people made. Do U agree?
And if U check the many comments and answers that I made, U will see the TONS of "kind" answers that I wrote. And most Modders do not even take the time to feedback, if U see around... :neutral:

But will be more helpful and clear if I just describe one of my ususl days:

The other morning I got up at 5.55, took my dog Lilly out for a walk, made breakfast for me and my kids, Gabriele and Tiziana, took Gab at a lady that watches him till school time, went to work at an Hospital at 7.30 and there I handled my daily occupations, distributing Blood to different parts of the Structure and mainly taking around Patients that need some exams made or transfer them from one section to another, including First Aid Emergencies and Surgery Rooms.
I had also 2 dead people to take to the Morgue and one was...17!  :neutral:
It was an awfull day... but lately is always very hard at work.
And Italy is in REAL BIG troubles in general, see? (I used to be a Sales Manager in a Body Building/Fitness Company, and I am a Trainer as well, but all I could find was the job that I said up above...  :???: )

That is why I became an ACTIVIST of M5S (Beppe Grillo), informing and helping people about our Program, fighting every day a corrupted and fetid political System!!

Once at home, I have to help my son, that has a Tourette Syndrome and needs help and supervision on his homeworks and school activity (I have periodically meetings with Teachers and Psycologists that follow him as well)

Having different working schedules, I have different free time moments in the week, but U can well imagine that only VERY few hours can be dedicated to Modding and Foruming, right?

NOW...imagine me finally sitting down at the PC (now that my connection is slow or gone, I often go to a friend of mine... :roll: ) and I happen to find ur "constructive criticism" or...worse, comments and rating like this:  :shock:

Now...ANYBODY and I mean ANYbody that seriously PLAYED my last 0.99T version will laugh at those Trolls/Jerks and sworen enemies of mine...but after such full days that I spend at work/Family and Modding/ MOTIVATION goes really under my feet!!

If U got till here and read and really understood what i mean...well...I think that ur comment will look different even to yourself, don t U think?  :wink:

One last thing:
did U notice how many Threads/Topics/Posts that are on TW Forum?
Did U see how many are just about criticism?
Did U see how many are about Projects that NEVER RELEASED any kind of Mod, not even a Testable ALPHA?!

Really...go back and read those 3 strings carefully and check what I mean...please.
You will see that tons of words were written for no reason and no need or use.

And.... did U see how FEW real Mods, expecially FULL CONVERTION Musket Mods, expecially about Single Player, were made??!!  :shock:

All that has a reason: most people prefer to sit and talk, instead of work hard and share., which is great, hey...but not when is mostly negatively!  :???:
And when ONE does things for the Comunity, often gets demotivated quickly because some people kill the most important fuel that all modders need:
H I S  M O T I V A T I O N !!!  :neutral:

On another hand, once again....THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS, HELPERS AND SUPPORTERS for their affection and patience, standing this 49 y.o. Italian that has Modding as his main hobby and... RELAX! (...when people apreciate and respect my work...  :twisted: )

PS ...fact is that most people did not even read through all this...I m sure.
Most people just think about dwld and play.
...and sometimes they even tell U clearly:
"I don t care about ur personal situation, children and stuff...I just WANT TO PLAY ur Mods!!",255682.msg6131611.html#msg6131611

PSbis  I happened to read again the answers that CAPTURED JOE gave in that Topic and...oh well...people like him (a very NICE teen, I would say) are those that pump my motivation high, folks!  :mrgreen:
This Topic has the purpose to explain one thing:
Modding is really hard, just as any other serious and continuos occupation in life.
And players should all have respect and consideration for Modders.

And think that there is always a PERSON behind a Modder. With his LIFE and human nature.  :neutral: