EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

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Team Name: Reino de Hispania
Team Tag: RdH
Contact 1:
Hispano (Taleworlds & Steam)
Contact 2: Nheolo (Taleworlds & Steam)

Div D if possible
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Team Name: Kingdom of Hordaland
Team Tag: [KoH]
Contact 1:
levilop (Taleworlds & Steam)
Contact 2: Biggus Dickus (Steam)

Note: In the past few months we mainly had practice matches with div D, sometimes div E teams, so we would like to get into div D if possible. I can provide the results of the practice matches with screenshots of the last 3-4-5 months to admin team in case it is needed.
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Free agent
Name: Hodor
Preferred Class: Infantry
Secondary Classes: Archer / Cav
Languages: English / French

I would like to play Division B or upper, but I can play in C aswell.


I mean Bard ngl.. but if u actually get tilted over insults from a gaming community that's known for excessive toxicity, then u shouldn't be hosting a tournament in the first place. And u can't rly say "many in Div A".. it was like maybe 10 ppl that insulted the admin team.

What are u actually on about? All I said was, that Ikea's response made no sense, as Aeronwen asked for hosts herself, but when people like Popowicz came forward to host a tournament, she blanked them. Don't really see where I am entitled here. I also didn't demand anything or accuse anyone, so unless u actually understand what people write, why don't u refrain from posting responses?

What I meant was, that hosting a tournament in summer is just not smart, as most of Division A will not be there. RM wont have BD and Jufasto, TCV wont have Runcop, Cosimo and Popo and (most likely) me and it wont be much different for alot of clans. July through August just are the months where most ppl go on holiday, cuz they are done with school, university or got time off from work.

So I really don't see where I am accusing anyone here. I never demanded a tournament, I only said that it's kinda weird to say "You could have hosted one yourself" when people that actually came forward to host one, got blanked.

This is bizarre.

I have repeatedly said I would help anyone wanting to run their own tournament. In fact I have helped other tournaments with bbcode etc.
I haven't 'blanked' anyone
It is just a lie to say I didnt respond to people contacting me.

I am not sure why a few people in this community just make things up to be angry at me about but it does seem to be a favourite hobby.

Also no-one needs my permission to run a tournament. Fly be free




if you want to discuss about the tournament can you please do that in the suggestions thread
If you want to edit your roster please make a new post, editing the old one may mean your changes are not noticed.
If you want to be added to the free agent list please post here
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