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As most of you have already heard, we're going to host a new season of Beast. I am looking forward for all the teams that are going to sign up.

Beast stands for Bannerlord Early Acces Skirmish Tournament. Like the name suggests it's a tournament that is played in the Skirmish-Mode of the Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2 multiplayer. It is hosted by members of the community for the community and lasts several weeks. Our goal is to keep the competetive multiplayer alive and give both newcomers and experienced teams the chance for exciting matches with teams on the same level.

As per usual the divisions will return .We will again have seperate divisions to make the matches more fun and engaging.

If you're interested: Here is the link to our Taleworlds group and here is the link to our tournament rules which we are going to recycle for the next tournament.

As always we're planning to host a Round-robin tournament again. That means every team will face each opponent from his division at least once.

As usual: keep in mind that thanks to the nature of early access the adminstration's tools are limited and the game is not in a finished state yet.
If you wish to sign up please fill out the following form. It's required to have at least one contact person from this forum.

[B]Team Name:
Team Tag:
Contact 1:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[B]Contact 2:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[spoiler]Player Name -& Steam[/spoiler]

If you don't have a team but want to play anyway, you can sign up as a free agent and wait for one of the teams to recruit you.

Beast #8 is planed to start on 11th of July and is probably going to take five weeks with two additional weeks for finals and potential promotional matches.

Sign up ends Sunday July 3rd 2022

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me here on TW, Discord or Steam.


Do we really need almost a month to start the tournament? People will go holidays and wont be able to play. imo you should start it as fast as possible to avoid delays, defaults and sheduling issues later on. cheers
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So, we've waited for 4 months now, 4 months in which a new tournament could have been hosted.. and now u announce it for July, where like 80% of the playerbase will go on vacation. Great planning there, ngl. @Ikea Knight
Nobody knows u

The easiest way of hosting a new tournament would have been between like June and July, so it ends in early July, instead of having sign-ups end in early July. Cuz rn, on the information we (TCV) have, half our team wont be here.


Why is there no tournament for 4 months ? Why is the tournament in July and not June ? Why do we wait a month for sign ups ?

Oh no i have a vacation in summer i wont be able to play whole one match.

Cry more babies
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