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[Beast 8] Congratulations and Thank you's

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Congratulations & Thank Yous

Congratulations to Risen Manifest for attaining Beast Champions this season. RM were the only team to win 3/3 matches in the group stage.

Congratulations to Divitiarum for reaching the final and achieving silver.

Congratulations to The Holy Inquistion on taking the Bronze Medal this season.

Congratulations to all the teams who achieved promotion this season.
Deutschritter Avaritia to Div A
Holy Inquisition III to Div C
DR Acedia & Gods of War to Div D

Many thanks to my fellow admins, all of whom were new to admining BEAST this season and who rose to the challenge admirably: @NIN3 whose knowledge of the game has been invaluable; @Rita who took on the very busy roster thread. @Tomkin & @Soarerv8 kept the weekly division thread and tables up to date. And of course all admins contributed to the discussions that became necessary to deal appropriately with difficulties as they arose..
Thanks also to @CARNIFEX.X who posted a number of threads and helped with the initial set-up of the tournament.

Huge thanks to @Piconi who made the badges for the winners and the excellent fixture images which have served us well through several tournaments.

Thanks to @IceNoVa and @Killfacer our consultants who helped out when requested with sage advice.

Thanks to everyone who streamed or recorded a match and posted it in this forum for us all to see.

Thanks to everyone who made constructive suggestions to improve the tournament.
Thanks to everyone who played, especially to all those who played within the spirit of fair play and respect.

Sorry if I missed out anyone who contributed to the success of the tournament.

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And huge congrats to the admin team which dropped second best team in div a to div b and on its place put team which barely wins in div b. Thank you guys u are awesome . Stay great.
Thanks to the admin team for your work! Thanks to our opponents in Division B this season who have all been a beacon of good sportsmanship - it was fun playing against you.
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