EU Skirmish Completed BEAST 7 - postponed to 15th of January

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BEAST 6 has been concluded and Risen Manifest has reclaimed the title. To give you all an opportunity to dethrone them before christmas comes knocking on our doors the tournament staff of BEAST has to decided to announce another iteration of the recurring Skirmish Tournament BEAST.

Beast stands for Bannerlord Early Acces Skirmish Tournament. Like the name suggests it's a tournament that is played in the Skirmish-Mode of the Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2 multiplayer. It is hosted by members of the community for the community and lasts several weeks. Our goal is to keep the competetive multiplayer alive and give both newcomers and experienced teams the chance for exciting matches with teams on the same level.

Similar to the last installments we will again have seperate divisions to make the matches more fun and engaging. The amount of divisions will depend on the numbers of teams signing up.

If you're interested: Here is the link to our Taleworlds group and here is the link to our tournament rules which we are going to recycle for the next tournament. If you're a solo player and want to join any team participating in the upcoming team, you can post your application as Free Agent here.

As per last time we're planning to host a Round-robin tournament again. That means every team will face each opponent from his division at least once. Keep in mind that this does not apply for the last division unless we have set 6 teams in this division.

As usual: keep in mind that thanks to the nature of early access the adminstration's tools are limited and the game is not in a finished state yet.
If you wish to sign up please fill out the following form. It's required to have at least one contact person from this forum.

[B]Team Name:
Team Tag:
Contact 1:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[B]Contact 2:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[spoiler]Player Name -& Steam[/spoiler]
Division (self estimation, no guarantees):

BEAST 7 is scheduled to start on 2nd of November, with the first deadline for tournament matches being the 7th (Sunday, as always) of November. It is going to take around five weeks with two additional week for finals and potential promotional matches.
To finish the tournament before christmas and save everyone the pain of scheduling in the winter break we decided for this option.

Please specify your preferred Division in case there are open spots in the Team Sign Up Formular.

Sign up ends Saturday, 30th of October.

Let the games and salting begin again!
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As small addition we will most likely have a free spot in DIV A which will be given out to the strongest new team that signs up for Division A.
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