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Hey everybody!
I am really happy that we already got so many sign-ups and to see new team compositions.
However, we have decided to postpone Beast #5 for the sake of the Nations Cup and the competetive community.
From our experience having two major tournaments at the same time leads to delays and defaults in both competitions which is simply not fun for all teams and players involved.

Don't get me wrong, we still 100% want host Beast #5 and I actually can't wait to see how our new ideas might improve the tournament. But we will simply postpone until about the start of June.

Since this would be a problematic long time to have the sign-ups open we will disregard the current thread for now and open up the sign again - probably sometimes next month.

However, since only a rather small part of the playbase will actually take part in the NC, I am currently mocking up an other event / tournament for those of us that won't participate in the Nationscup. So keep an eye open for that.

I hope you can all agree to our course of action and I wish you all the best of times in whatever event you're participating in the near future.

Most of all, I really wish to see you all sign up for the next Beast again.



On the request of BEAST admin, this sign-up thread is locked, and will be removed in a couple of days.

A new sign-up thread for BEAST#5 will be made by BEAST admins in due course, when the admin staff decide so.
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