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BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

BEAST is the first Bannerlord Skirmish tournament in Europe.

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[BEAST#3] Divison C Weekly Match Results

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We did not manage to agree on a time with KoA.

[BT] BaronDeMoroz:
We have to play the BEAST match. Can we do this on Saturday?

Hi .. For our part it is impossible on Saturday. Should be done Sunday at 20:30 GMT.

[BT] BaronDeMoroz:
For me it would be 1:30 Monday. At 6:00 I should already be at work. Can we play earlier?

It will be hard for us. Had to foresee it before the clan wars. Tonight it's dead for us. And tomorrow it's the same. Then we can try to do it 15 minutes before the time I said. Because I made a schedule for my players and the days he could be there this week was Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Sunday. Knowing that rather certain to eat. And here is the concern. I already had the first match like this. With a default win for the team opposite. Because of the lack of player. Knowing that the coming weeks is Christmas and New Year. It will be even harder a game.
Mondays I have a match for the NC Cup Bannerlord tournament with the Fra.

[BT] BaronDeMoroz:
Why can't we play Sunday at 18:00 GMT?

Most eat. And at 7:30 p.m. and some still eat or they take care of their child or work.

[BT] BaronDeMoroz:
Can we reschedule the match for next week?

Not impossible for us. It's Christmas week and I have two beast wars to organize before the new year.

[BT] BaronDeMoroz:
What time is it convenient for you to play on Sunday? Besides what you suggested. Consider that we have +5 GMT

For us it would be best between 20.15 pm GMT and 21.00 pm GMT. Before it is impossible.
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After for us we can do it only Sunday at this hour. I added the first BT contact on steam it took him too long to accept me knowing that I had added it at the start of the week. The second contact is buggy for me. After if he could not add me on steam because he was not there because of his irl. I even understand. Irl comes first. After the second contact should have tried to add me at this point if it was not. Then after we arrive at Christmas and New Year and at that time it will be hard to make clan wars. Certain its on vacation with family or other. Make clan wars at the end of December its hard. And the coming week I have to organize two clan wars for the beast and so be quiet for the end of the year and the beginning too.
After the admin decided for the match. But if we can't. It will be a default win for us. And I will rather focus the rest of the matches.
I've been offline for a week. The second contact vas indicated. We are ready to consider different options, but not the one that was offered to us. I'm not going to get up in the middle of the night before work week, just so someone can comfortably have dinner.
Hess vs Res - 1:3
rounds 5 : 10
Res won





last map was really sweaty)
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Very simple for the answer I said. IF we can not it will be a victory by default. As for the first team that we faced it we had the match like that. Because we couldn't field 6 players. At this point the BT wins the match. Understood? Unless I express myself badly.
TCV vs WTF 9 (3) - 5 (1)

Match confirmed.
roster updated, op updated, Div C main updated

BT vs KoA will be played on January 10 at 18:00 GMT

I know you have had difficulty scheduling but did any admin allow this 3 week extension after the deadline?
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I understand but it means the tables cant be updated for the fifth week. all your matches should be finished by the 10th.
Isn't it fairly normal for RR tournaments to just be updated even when there are matches which aren't played? If you look at the premier league etc it is normal for some clubs to have played a match less due to whatever.
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