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[Beast#3] Congratulations thread

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Ikea Knight

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Dear Beast Community,

In this open letter I want to address that …
… I am obviously never writing an open letter to the community ever again :grin:
It’s about time to wrap Beast #3 up. First of all, I am excited to congratulate, for the very first time Risen Manifest on winning the Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament. I am excited to have a new champion and I hope that it motivates the other teams to give their best, too.
On that note, I don’t want to diminish our former champion’s and new second place Destiny Master’s achievement. To end this season without a single lost match is definitely a feat. I also want to express my admiration for Keyboard Warriors Light who came in third again. I am aware that the team is splitting up but I truly hope to see you all in Beast’s next season.

Talking about the next season it’s my honour to announce that, Men of Borr, Wicked Tavern Fanatics, The Chide Village, Deutschritter Acedia and Holy Inquisition 2 all managed to advance to their respective next higher division. Also, Chapeau to Keyboard Warriors Dark for being the first Team to defend their position in the progression matches.

Now I want to thank my fellow admins: First and foremost, @Aeronwen for carrying big portions of the tournament on her shoulders. We should all chip in and buy her a voucher for a chiropractor against the back pain. I want to thank @Ramon for helping us out on the tournament once more after Beast #2, too. I hope you get well soon! And finally I want than and properly introduce @lake who has been helping us out with some of the day to day stuff for a while now.

I also want to mention @TheBard here, who besides being the original creator of Beast also helped us out with counselling in the past season.

I want to thank the MnBComp staff for providing is with the regular meet the team threads and I hope we will see more of that in the future. And of course, we once again need to thank @Piconi for these awesome trophies and designs he provides us with again and again. And before I want to mention all the streamers, I want to thank Taleworld’s and foremost Callum and Dejan for featuring us on twitter and helping out a little behind the scenes.

Last but in no way least I want to thank all the streamers, that provided us with streams and Vod’s of their matches. Streaming is an important part of competitive play and I really hope that we can improve upon it when the spectator mode comes out.

Lastly just a few personal words from me: I know that there have been moments where the community and the administration didn’t see eye to eye or where we pushed for changes too quick that lead to chaos and confusion. I am sorry about that and while I think that there are definitely areas where the game and the tournament should and hopefully will improve, I and I hope I speak for all admins, I really enjoy hosting BEAST hosting for you the players, the teams , the clans, for us all.

The new Beast will start February 1st and if you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time until the 28th of January.

All signed up players are eligible for Piconi's Beast#3 participation medal.


Keyboard Warriors Light is awarded with the bronze trophy:










Our runner up Destiny Masters is awarded with the silver trophy:








And finaly our new Championm Risen Manifest get's the gold trophy:










Hope to see you all next season!
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Thanks again to everyone who played. 👏

Congratulations to Risen Manifest the new Beasts of Bannerlord🦁

Congrats to Destiny Masters on a very well played tournament and such a close 2nd

Well done KW Light on achieving 3rd

I am really grateful to everyone who streamed and recorded their games, thank you all, in no particular order:
@Jufasto, @Hairless, @Champion Relexan Forzen, @Livso, @Black_Corsair, @TheBard, @Callum, @Effect, @The_Great_White, @Mazewind, @Zettaiken @Popowicz the World
where the streams were retained you can see all the matches here

Once again I had a lot of helpful advice from @TheBard and very sage advice from the old master of MnB tournaments, @Killfacer (Deacon)🧙‍♂️

Good job my fellow admins @Ikea Knight for being the front person & taking the flack with grace, @Ramon for all your hard work (hope you get well soon) and @lake for learning on the job with alacrity and chill.

Just loving the medals by @Piconi once again

Looking forward to seeing you all again in Beast 4 please sign up as soon as posisble
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am excited to congratulate, for the very first time Risen Manifest on winning the Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament.
Thanks a lot! Third time being finalist is the charm i guess :grin:
And finaly our new Championm Risen Manifest get's the gold trophy:
Also lovely badges, thank you!

I want to thank admins of BEAST for hosting such a successful tournament, every single time keeping the high quality and class of tournament :grin:

As Risen Manifest Clan, we are planning to keep our first place for BEAST 4 aswell. I wish luck to other clans :grin:

TheBard ✂

Salt Knight
Sergeant Knight at Arms
Unfortunately I don't really have enough time for tournament administration on top of my other 'duties', but I am always happy to help out when I can. :wink: You again did a fantastatic job managing this tournament and I hope you didn't get annoyed too much by the community.


Thanks for hosting the tournament and bagdes. However, I think you should make another one badge belongs to the team besides one by one names on it. Also you can put names on it. It would be better in my opinion. @Aeronwen @Ikea Knight
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