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TaleWorlds has given 20 copies of Bannerlord (10 per) to the winning and second place teams.
TaleWorlds has given 10 TaleWorlds/Bannerlord t-shirts & posters to the winning team.
TaleWorlds has given 5 tournament servers.
Cheshire Cats Clan has given 3 tournament servers.
LordMetzger has given 3 tournament servers.
Oasis Hosting has given 2 tournament servers.
Infravider has given 60 days free gameserver hosting to the 1st place winner & 30 days free gameserver hosting to the 2nd place winner


TaleWorlds Entertainment is an independent video game development company located in Ankara, Turkey.

Founded in 2005 by Armağan Yavuz after starting work in game development as a hobby. Known for its leading "Mount&Blade" game franchise, TaleWorlds is one of the most successful indie developers worldwide.

The studio also grew with the game, and is continuing to add talented graphics artists and programmers to its core team.

The team is currently developing the much anticipated sequel; Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Release date is yet to be announced.

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[anchor=tag5]OASIS HOSTING[/anchor]

Founded in 2015, we are a fairly new startup with the mission to host high quality, affordable game servers for as many regions and games as we can for the best price.

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Infravider used to be called King Solutions. We run a hosting/IT-Solution company located in Germany. Our company was founded by Dominic (CEO) and Leo (CO-CEO). We met while playing games over the internet, and decided to pursue business in a field that we greatly enjoy.

We are gamers who work with our hearts. We understand what our customers want, and we do our best to provide that to them using the skills we have obtained. Also, we know that good quality does not have to come at an extreme cost, so we do our best to give our services at an affordable price that offers good value for money.

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