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Whew. That just happened. 3 weeks, 47 matches (yeah, some were defaulted..  :mad:) Still, we had quite a ride!
As always, we want to thank the people who helped make this possible and give out congrats to the winners and commiserations to the runner-up.
Before that, I want to apologize to the WSC admin team and anyone affected by our tournament making your finals difficult to schedule.
We tried to avoid it but some things were set in motion and we will make sure to have better planning in the future.

Onto the winners!

Our first seed invitee and you didn't disappoint. There really isn't a visible weakness to your team and we're all excited to see how far you can go in the future.
Arni, SirAlecks, Ciiges, Kane, Dume, Charlini, Gibby, Menethil, Scar, Peter. Enjoy your copies of Bannerlord when it releases and the physical goodies!​

Second seed invitee and wow did you put up a fight! The final could have gone either way and nobody can take anything away from you for trying.
Sotamursu, Bloody_Death, Razer, Matt, Bruce, Habi, Anchor, Nomes, Shema, EviImay. You have secured 10 copies of Bannerlord when it releases.
We all hope to see you competing at such a high level again soon.​

Also a very good effort from Unity, Aequalitas, Blackened, Inversed Brains, Rising Rivals and Knights of Malta. You are the top 8 teams currently in the scene. Keep going and good things will come.


Hard to find somewhere to start here. So many people have contributed to this tournament and if I forget a name I promise it's not on purpose.


TaleWorlds - We have done it. Thanks for supporting the competitive scene and agreeing to this. Hopefully we can continue the trend in the future. They provided 20 copies of Bannerlord, posters, tshirts and 5 tournament servers. Amazing prizes, thanks so much!

Oasis Hosting - They provided 2 tournament servers! DE4 was used a lot and rarely if ever heard of a complaint. Solid! Thanks a lot.

Infravider - They provided 60 days free of gameservers to the winner and 30 days free for the runner-up! I'm sure the teams will put them to good use. Thanks!

LordMetzger- 3 German servers. Great up-time and fantastic reliability. You've been giving servers to the tournament community for a very long time and you are under appreciated. Thanks a lot.

CCC Clan - 3 French servers. Great up-time and amazing reliability. You've been offering servers for awhile and the community thanks you!


imemine aka ChatNoir - Wowza. MVP, imo. Late addition but she contributed TONS of hours to make this work out and without her it definitely wouldn't have been the same. Was an absolute pleasure to admin with and she really can do everything. Ref matches, graphics, bbcode, checking logs, update threads, provide servers.. the list goes on. She would be an incredible asset to ANY tournament. Thanks so much!

PS.. you can join our team at any time.  :wink:

Orion aka Marnid - We go back a ways but haven't worked together on a tournament yet. That has changed  :grin:. Very glad he agreed to join. The man did a lot of work on the threads, fixtures and rules. Has a sick work ethic and vast knowledge which was always helpful. Thanks man!

Gibby - Welcome back to the world of admins! He helped update threads and provided great previews. Thanks!

Rosslington - All the graphics you see on streams and a lot of them on the forums (including the logo for BCM) is all Ross! He loves supporting the competitive scene and did a fantastic job helping us out on the admin side of things and helped with the threads. Look forward to working together in the future!


Tardet - As usual, Tardet exceeds expectations with team previews, match previews and his thread contributions. Glad you signed up, man. Thanks!

Wolflo - Will be doing our stats soon enough for BCM and he's our backend wizard.

Nevino - Helped ref and record some matches. Always a pleasure!

Deafening - Everyone knows Deaf. Expert at camera and production. Can you believe he was nervous for the finals? His only mistake was his friend calling him on steam.  :razz: Excellent as usual.

- SirAlecks, LastShadow, Achaner, Charlini (offered help finding refs and other consulting)


Duken aka 7evn - He provided all the great map intros you saw and some other content. Great guy and very unfortunate he doesn't have time to help anymore. It makes me sad but he has a very bright future. Good luck!

Scar - Does this guy need an introduction? A lot of the thread design he did and the original rule-set he wrote. Anything this guy touches turns to gold. Thanks dude!

Oliveran - Helped make the mod for BCM servers and kept everything working properly.

WSC Team - Above apology and thanks for some threads we used as a foundation.

Callum - Needs a separate space than TaleWorlds. He was always around if I needed help and without him I don't think this would have ever happened. Good luck with the upcoming game and we'll all be watching!



BladeCast Commentary
Viktor, PeterAvastrat, MaHuD, Troubadour, Callum, Gibby, Nevino, Azan, Volcom​

Personal thank you to all the commentators who helped make this special for everyone. Viktor and Peter specifically spent a lot of hours trying to make this entertaining for all. Incredible effort.

Finally, this wouldn't have been possible without so much support from the community and TaleWorlds. I've always wanted to do this style of tournament and I think with some small tweaks it will be even better. We had some issues and we'll look to fix those for the next iteration.  Look forward to a resurrected Round Table episode with Callum and friends where we do a post-mortem on the BladeCast Masters soon.



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Again, thanks alot for the tournament. I think this has been one of the best tourneys so far. In just 3 weeks 47 matches is unreal!

Alot of great streams from everyone. Special shoutout to Bladecast for their amazing professional streams, you guys really did great.
Shoutout to Viktor and PeterAvastrat for their amazing commentating, real hypers you 2  :shifty:

Thanks to all the sponsors, especially TW.

Thanks to all the refs/ admins/ everyone behind the scenes.

Thanks to all teams and participants, in special my bro's from FT.



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Haven't been around for quite some time and couldn't have hoped for a better moment to come back. I really enjoyed working for the BladeCast Masters and also see the tournament develop itself throughout the weeks. I think that we have been setting up some interesting bases for the future of the competitive scene, it being on Bannerlord or Warband.

I had also like to thanks all the teams who have been trying their best to work around the restrictive rules and schedules in place for this tournament. I know it wasn't necessarily easy for everyone but in general, I feel like we have seen less complaining and 'drama' regarding certain touchy subjects which may lead me to think the mentalities are slightly evolving. The BladeCast Masters wasn't a 'regular' tournament and I hope people understand that some sacrifices have to be done for such a competition to be successful. I still hope that we'll continue to see tournaments with less constraining schedules and roster-rules because they are the ones which make our scene active and also certainly friendlier towards new teams entering the scene or not having much experience.

It goes without a saying that the BladeCast Masters wasn't a perfect tournament. I think the tournament admins, helped by the staff and referees, did a fantastic job; but there are certainly many areas where we can improve so do not hesitate to send your feedback to the admin team. The tournaments are made by the community, for the community, and only with your help, we'll be able to continue on improving them.

When it comes to hype contents, I am really glad I was able to be accompanied by Gibby as I couldn't have done it all on my own. Even though I am far to be fully satisfied with what I produced, the fact I was brought in rather late regarding the tournament's debut made it rather complicated to do better than that but I look forward to working with BladeCast again and provide you with even better content.

Thanks to Calamity for allowing me to work with such an amazing group of people once more. You won't see Cal placing himself under the spotlight often but the reality is that this tournament exists because BladeCast_TV has been his project since the beginning and he has been working immensely for it to reach such a state. For that and for the time and efforts he puts into trying to make this community grow and develop itself into something bigger, he deserves all the respect and thank-yous you can give him.

Looking forward to being involved again as soon as possible. And once more, congratulations to Frontline Tactics and KROWA for that amazing final they gave us.


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Awesome tournament, extremely grateful that both the Bladecast team and Taleworlds brought this to boost up the competitive scene.

As a WSC2 admin, will just congrat you for the amount of work and quality you did set for this tournament, the amount of matches, coordination with all streamers, players, and sponsors was insane. The fact that it happened at the same time than our knockout rounds, was surely noticed, however we worked it out and now we just look forward to also finish our showdown, achieving also a good impact for the competitive community.

As a player, can asure that im glad that we took part in such an intense competition that delighted us with many good matches, that were great to watch aswell proving that some teams were very balanced in many ways. Feels really good to be part of such a squad and really proud to see FT and each one of my teammates with the deserved win, Well played to all the teams through the tournament aswell.

The amount of streams was perfect, and the quality extremely high. To reach that high peak of viewers is admirable and I as many people look forward to future events of both the BCM Team and with the support of Taleworlds or completly held by Taleworlds themselves in the future. Great to see them engaged in the Competitive scene and hoping for more events to come for Mount&Blade, specially on Bannerlord and its potential.

Thanks to everyone who either supported in any kind of play or was a part of the tournament(playing or helping). Special ones to the Bladecast Team & Taleworlds.


Amazing job with the tournament, 3 weeks 47 matches, really well managed, It's nice to see that Taleworlds supports the competitive scene and also sick job from Bladecast Team.

Really looking forward to see more stuff of both Bladecast Team and Taleworlds in the competitive scene.

Thanks to all the people that made this possible and those who took part in the tournament, thanks to the Refs, Casters, and the admin team. And also thanks to every member of FT as always I'm very glad to play alongside every single one of you.


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Just a small thank you from my perspective of the event - huge credit to Calamity first and foremost; without his vision and commitment to this project and the team as a whole, none of this would've been even remotely possible. Also, a big thanks to my streaming partner in crime, Deafening: this guy really works hard with the streams and gives up his free time to perform at a high standard and allow me to work without any worries; he's too humble to say but he does a sterling job so, thanks to you bro.

Shoutouts go to my co-casters, sometimes it's been on short notice and I cannot say I had a dull moment with any of them, we were privileged to cast some fantastic games. Penultimate thanks go to all the admins and staff members of this tournament - everything you see from the threads, graphics, scores, previews, rosters...everything, was created and maintained by someone; without these guys working tirelessly behind the scenes, we just wouldn't have had a fantastic tournament. Finally, a big thanks to the referees of this tournament - you guys have been on-hand to help us streamers out aswell as keep the game running as smoothly as possible; you're the front line and work hard, so again, thanks to you.

And a huge shoutout to all the teams and players that signed-up, obviously, without you guys there wouldn't even be a tournament to be so hyped about! The stellar performances you guys put on display made it absolutely thrilling to spectate and cast - well done to all. Hope to see everyone again in the next tourney!



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Even though I couldn’t participate for obvious reason, I want to say Great work for what you managed to organize and run. This was one of the best tournaments since 2010. I just hope to see Bladecast host more of these.

Thanks for awesome and entertaining matches, sorry to Unity for letting them down.
Timing and some other things could be better but still it was a nice tournament. Congratulations to all the participants and thanks for the occasion.

๖Kern said:
Even though I couldn’t participate for obvious reason, I want to say Great work for what you managed to organize and run. This was one of the best tournaments since 2010. I just hope to see Bladecast host more of these.

Thanks for awesome and entertaining matches, sorry to Unity for letting them down.

Are you sorry because of you got caught or because of you cheated in the first place ?


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Was a lovely tournament. Thanks to Taleworlds and the Bladecast team for all the involvement and support to the community, truly a pleasure to play and help as much as I could.


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Glad this finally came along, congratz to BladeCast! I know how painful this was to set up! :wink:
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