Battle Troop Ratios should be reflective of army distribution

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In preparation for forming armies, I generally like to balance my companions'/lords' tendency to load up on infantry by loading up my own party with cavalry (particularly horse archers). However, when entering battles I find the ratio of troop types to be way off.

For example, I was recently leading an army of 1000 troops. I had 400 troops in my own party. 100 of my troops were horse archers (so 25% of my party and 10% of the army). My battle size setting was 600. When I hit the field, I had hundreds of infantry but only 9 horse archers... as you know, building up horse archers is expensive and time-consuming... the reason I make the effort is that it has a strong influence on my battle strategy and style of play. In this particular case I found it so frustrating I turned off the game. In fact, I find this more frustrating than crashes as I never know what my army is going to look like when I hit the field.

Should the ratio of units at the start of battle not correspond to the overall distribution in your army? To me this just makes sense.
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