Battle suggestion to avoid micro-manadgement and add depth to tactical gameplay

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My suggestion is based on both player expressed will of being able to have more battle depht, and the expressed will of the dev who want a more "character in the battlefield" feel and less "RTS" one (Which I think isnt a bad idea).

I also read a lot of good suggestion (Especially spear related, tactical formations like spear wall with poleweapon on the front and spear on back, or better, adding more density to both unit and weapon as a way to prolonged battle line life expectancy).

And, my suggestions would be partially dependant on that as I'm not sure they would work if battle stay as short and messy as they are right now. Especially, the order "charge" should be changed so that unit conserve some cohesion, and also, give a better balance between defensive (which should be more efficient at defending) and offensive move. Because right now, charge is almost the only viable move sadly...

Last : sorry to anyone who may have suggested something similar before, there was a lot to read, so I decided to shorten that up and migh have missed yours.

Suggestion :

3 aspect to it :

- 1st : give the player (or the AI) more space by forcing the player to establish/be established in a line of command. With all command space needing to be allocated (even if by a "unamed captain") with indication about their tactical and leadership skill score and battle behavior (agressive, defensive, etc...). Ideally, in this menu you should be able to reassing troops, and add predefined tag(s) to each element like "center infantry", "left wing cavalry" etc... (optional : would be great if we could also split infantry in various center, left and right wing like cavalry!). The commander will also be able to issue one global tactic order (defense around the main infantry,... the usual thing given at the start of the battle by AI, but this time player can do it too!). And get the possibility to assign a principal target to the troop if needed (target would be the same tag as the one used for the element of the army : center infantry, left wing cavalry, ranged, etc...).

Companion are elligible to a position.

There should be max 5 tagged group present on the battlefield. And 3 space for reserve (see next point). That is cause by hotkey limitation

The leader of an army as the possibility to take command of a troop instead of commanding the whole army!

It may be necessary to forbid the player to be a reserve troop leader.

Optional : for each command space, it would be interesting to give an option to put a "second commander" in line, just in case the first one die (and whith each commander only able to command 1 unit). It can be a unamed captain, but it would be interesting to add the option "if the leader dies, troops fuse with X group", but that could be complicated too (and also, what happen if group A should fuse with B if A leader is dead, but B leader is already dead and B group already fused with C? maybe some limitation?).

Optional : In case of victory, the commander of the army and commander of unit gain some influence. A player can loose influence if the majority of command post (not counting reserve and 2nd in command) isnt given to commander outside of it's clan (in case they lead an army) in case there is enough of them to fill all command post.

- 2nd : Integrated with that so still during the battle planing phase, add a "back line/reserve area", were you can choose to put specific unit and a number of wave commander of reinforcement.
Each time reinforcement is called, the army would send a new troops managed by AI.
With the possibility open to the player (and AI) to call the reserve when needed but only after a %of loss (by both army) is reached -> UI element to introduce, a counter of how many troops your army can call at any given moment. This would avoid the chaotic retreat to reform, and allow player/AI to choose when these reinforcement arrive. Also, this would give the choice of which troops go first could also allow a player to have a first battle with mainly cavalry/skirmisher, and having the next waves being infantry/archer.

- 3rd : On the battlefield, the player is either commanding troops OR commanding the army. In the first case, you don't need to change the command troop UI.
Optionnal If you can/want to change the Ui
-your command don't consider the other troops of other army as being assigned to a key (1-infantry, 2-ranged,...). That way you can split your group at your will if you want more complicated action with the troops under your command
- an "attack target" line of order, especially for ranged if possible.

IF you are the army commander, then your UI interface should change :
number 1 to 8 : select commander of army group identified by their tag.
F1 : give emplacement order "go there", "advance", "charge", skirmish etc...
F2 : give a "main target" order "attack center infantry", "attack left wing" etc...
-> The unit should focus on this troop, but obviously defend itself if attacked by another. Also, if the target order isnt "center infantry" the unit should manoeuvre to contourn it with a flanking action).
For archer, a good comander should be able to manage "hold fire" etc to focus fire the target unit, but still keeping a few defensive shot on advancing cavalry if needed.
F3 : support order "defend center infantry",... -> The unit try to engage any troops that threatens/attack the specified unit, or guard one of it's flank.
F4 : Call reserve
F5 : ... (im short on idea, but if think there is space to creativity)
F6 : maintain order (keep the last given order active), loose order (give leeway to the commanding IA to act as he see fit)
F7 : Transfer troops from one group to another.

Take note that these order are given to the commander, not their unit. The commander are in charge of their unit, and maybe, might not always follow your order correctly (ideally depending on leadership/tactic skills and battle behavior?), if they have completed and order and have not received a new, they might take some initiative (facility to take initiative depending on "maintain order"/"loose order" command).

That way, you only micromanage the troops you are given if you are a troop leader, and give general commands to the various commander who will have to micro-manage their own units under their command.
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