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Battle - the crossbow guys with shields don’t properly use the shields. Historically, they planted them in the ground to use for control of crossbows and defensive against arrows while kneeling behind them. Yes they were used in close combat, as your game portrays, but not as durable as your game portrays. The sword skills should not be as good considering, they’re taught more to shoot than to swing a sword. But this game, they’re good sword fighters with shields than they are shooters. Maybe adding the defensive nature of this, may make the crossbow guys more a viable choice vs archers in open fields.

Spy - the rogue can play the part of this. They can be given instructions to sabotage armies morale / combat effectiveness before a fight. incite rebellion by lowering loyalty ( owning an alley ) . Create an easier way into a sieged town by bribing an enemy by opening the gate for your army, blowing up the ammunition stash for arrows or siege defenses by %50 , or severely wounding an enemy general by poisoning which will cause low morale during siege or open field operations.

Hideouts - let these be a tutorial on how to even manage a castle or town, before you take one. Or be used as what they are attended for , to ambush , along paths. You can set one up , have a companion manage it with troops , they raid whatever you set them to raid.

Executions - should be given the choice to be public to Calradia, where they get the message. Or off in the shadows, where if you’re caught then people can be mad at you ..

Companion options- right now it’s neutral, defensive, aggressive… would like to have “ raid bandits , raid caravans, attack other lords, solve issues , raid hideouts, defend or attack settlements “. This will eliminate the player having to hold your members hands and walk them through something a million times..
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