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I played this game since the beta of the original M&B, i modded and used every mod here around and now i bought Warband for the xboxone.
Great game
I only ask if it's possible, with a little bit of optimization, to increase battle size to something more than a 50 vs. 50 battle.
Mod support (as for fallout) would be welcome too
This is really sad... I got my hopes up because I played the custom battles first to see how to use the basic controls on a controller. I saw 80v80 and got excited because that's higher than the base PC battle size(150, so 75v75). However, I went to options and saw the size of 100. I thought it was a mistake so I went into campaign and after getting an army of around 50 Vaegirs I fought an equally sized Jarl... And sure enough, it wasn't 80v80. Even with the battle size set to 100, only 40 units were on each side at a time. I still play the game, but I might go back to old laptop that I use to run a modded 150v150 battle size on
I willingly give up some special effect (hdr and occlusion effects are useless) to be able to play battles with at least 150 fighters for side
I play 95% of my time with Calvary.
So that alone means theres 100 "units" visible in my battles.
Plus whatever the other side has.
Any my game runs really smooth.

I definitely don't see increase the numbers being a problem for the Xbox one at all.
Honestly i don't think most people play M&B for the graphics, so i wouldn't mind some cuts for an incresed battlesize.
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