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Hello guys I want to create a map with the below features:

- It will have 2 other nations than the original one (Greece and Turkey)
- It will have other skins than the original one and flags
- The available game mods I want are,  Online coop vs bots,  Siege TDM with only one life for defenders, Singleplayer custom map battles

I have already created the battle skin but I don't know how to do any of these. The skins and other nations are optional for now since I haven't designed any shaded yet.
The only thing I did is designing the map by replacing the first mp sco map on Napoleonic wars module.
(I may have placed the entry points bad, or I will need to create multiple maps with different entry points for every game mode.


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What you wish to do will require you a bit of scripting. You'll have to work with the Module System.
You may want to ask some scripters around as some of the features you want to have may not be easy to do considering you are a neophyte.