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Battle of the Nations [American Event @ Thursday - 8pm EST]

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The 44th Regiment is proud to present it's first event, the Battle of the Nations (based off the historical battle of Leipzig). Every Thursday, the linebattle will happen at 8pm Eastern on the NW_44th_East_Essex server. We strive to create a professional and very fun experience by enabling the full variety of specialists and roles on the battlefield. Infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, and artillery will need to work cohesively to reach a victory. Through the usage of top notch administration, it is fully possible to eliminate trouble makers to make a great game possible. The server is hosted in Dallas, Texas by Quantum Impulse Gaming. Melee speeds are set to be at highest and ping should be relatively low.

General Expectations

  • Participating groups are willing to work with admins(do this exclusively through Steam / Teamspeak), this includes respect.
    [*]Issues are first to be dealt with by officers, should this be repeated then the regiment will be penalized.
    [*]Rule breaking and guideline ignorance will lead to a slay, then a ban after the first warning. There is only 1 warning for violations.
    [*]Less than 6 people requires a group to follow another or leave. You will be blacklisted from a specialist role if you cannot provide the minimum.

General Ruleset

There will be a minimum of 2 maps, with a possibility of a third if time allows. The maps will be resolved by 'best of two' victory in round count. A custom / default map is allowable at admin discretion for the second map (or third if allows). On choosing random maps, if two or more leaders disagree on a choice then the map is vetoed automatically (This must be done through Steam). Any contact to admins for administrative purposes must be done through Steam, please make sure you and your commanders are linked in the network of admins to ensure that all complaints can be dealt with privately and quickly. Although groups are free to allow anyone to attend, if you repeatedly bring trolls then you will be removed for failure to enforce discipline.

  • Infantry may not discharge a loaded musket while out of formation or in a charge. *Anti cavalry formations must be static to fire
  • Officer targeting is a slayable offense if purposeful, avoid this entirely unless you are a skirmisher.
  • Infantry is permitted to crouch if the line is at a distance from enemies and enemies are not firing small arms fire.
  • Absolutely no spacing is allowed in infantry formations, gaps are acceptable only while reloading. When the process is done, the gap must be filled.
  • When a line reaches 3 or less, they must A)(if charging) continue a charge B) (if firing) find a friendly line, failure to do either results in penalization.
  • Skirmishers are defined as light infantry, using rifles or muskets with bayonets. Regular infantry is allowed for the role, but the default lights are encouraged.
  • May not exceed over 10 skirmishers and 1 officer while providing the minimum of 6 men, sergeants are included in this number and hornists / flagbearers may not pick up ranged weapons.
  • Is allowed 3 man spacing within a checkerboard / loose formation, and is encouraged to move in staggered formation.
  • Is not allowed to fire out of formation, and cannot fire in a charge. This is more lenient but still enforced.
  • Is not encouraged, but allowed fully to aim for and kill officers at will.
  • When a line reaches 3 or less, they must A)(if charging) continue a charge B) (if firing) find a friendly line, failure to do either results in penalization.
  • May not exceed 7 units in the artillery while being able to field 2 cannons, a single sapper and guard is allowed as long as the number does not exceed 7
  • Artillery cannot use two of the same type of cannon, this means that artillery should have (1) Howitzer and (1) 12lb Cannon.
  • Artillery guard is not permitted to discharge muskets, sappers are permitted 50 points and may not use explosives.
  • Artillery is allowed to evacuate as long as the crew does A) not attack enemies while finding enemy guns, and B) stays in a group.
  • May not exceed over 13 horsemen, this includes officers and non combatants.
  • Is permitted to have a loose, yet coherent formation.
  • Must charge a single unit at a time unless charging at a cluster of units, straying cavalry from target is liable for punishment.
  • Is allowed to jump, pass through, and raid (dragoon shoot and retreat) enemies.
  • Dragoons are permitted to fire when stationary in a skirmish order, dismounted dragoons are light infantry on foot.
  • When a cavalry line reaches 3 or less, they must A)(if charging) continue a charge then find an allied line. B) (if not charging) find a friendly line and dismount, failure to do either results in penalization.
  • Lancers are not allowed to be played unless 7 or less total exist in a formation. *Lancers are in review to be removed entirely if limitations do not work.

Contact Information

Currently, the admins involved will be trusted 44th staff. The list of approved admins is a work in progress although there are a few approved, for now please contact myself via Steam (Menelaos16) or PM through the forum.

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