Battle of the Nations 2014 Live Stream

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Battle of the Nations 2014 Live Stream;

- courtesy of Rezagh of the 42nd and Fir Áraig
Lol day 1 and their first fight, I think, and Team UK (aka - not UK but actually England and Wales, which is very different) they lost on technal' because they didn't show up...

Hope Team Scotland actually do something after their terrible intro...
tbh seemed a little unfair on UK Team. They had some of their players at the paddock waiting but the rest was no where to be seen.
I have always been fairly sceptical towards the Battle of the Nations, but if this video truly shows one of its finer moments, it appears I have actually still overrated it.
Ought to see it live, with all the clashes, shouts, impacts, the clanking of armor, the...injuries etc. The sounds make this event, and there is just something that cannot get felt unless you're there practically next to the warriors.

I kinda thought certain things about it were meh, but when I visited it surpassed all my expectations. Exact same event separate from official battle of the nations (UK only participants) was happening in the UK at the exact same time, I imagine it will happen again so you might catch that if you live there. It really ought to be seen live to be appreciated.
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