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Take note: The mod is not compatible to the current warband version yet, you can read about it here.


By the year 968 AD war had been waged for generations between the Goídil natives of Ireland and settlers from the north. After the first years of the great onslaught on the English kingdoms many great battles were fought between the anglo-saxon heptarchy kings and the Viking invaders and soon norse warfleets were seen in the irish sea itself. Rowing up the rivers to raid the Gaelic villages and monasteries the "ostmen" soon established the longphorts, shore fortresses to harbour their fleets, which evolved into powerful cities controlling the lands.

Yet the warlike Goídil did not yield their homelands and many tribes resisted the foreign invaders in long and scathing wars, with Viking and Gaelic villages burning likewise in the many raids. Others approached the Norse with agreements and trade, some even fighting their neighbouring tribes with the help of their new allies and rising to great power. And so the Viking cities soon were part of the ancient tribal struggles for power, in which the most powerful Goídil kings were aspiring no less than the old title of high kingship over all Ireland.

Click to read more: History of the War in Munster, Ireland and the Battle of Sulcoit!

n the shadows of the wooded hillside of Sulcoit the Dál gCais king Mathgamain mac Cennétig and his royal brother Brian mac Cennétig the gaelic warriors await the advancing vikings. Among the warlike men famous liegemen, youths and mercanaries are likewise eager for combat.

Goídil hosts:

Brian mac Cennétig
  and retainers:

[td]A Teglach Mathgamna:
(The Retinue of Mathgamain)[/td]
[td]L'Armée Du Bâtard:
(Norman Mercenaries)
[td]Dál gCais tribesmen:[/td]



-Brian mac Cennétig

(Ualraig in Dúr)
-Cían na Raithlinn
-Cormag in Garbhan
-Ruaidrí na Luimneach
-Fintan in Cráibdech
-Somhairle mac Leoid
-Sitric mac inna Fresland
-Bradán O Conchobar


-Mathgamain mac Cennétig
-Adomnán mac Ailgusa
-Áeducán mac Tressaig
-Eochu mac Domnaill
-Crimthann mac Cormaicc
-Gormán mac Guaire
-Tigernán mac Eógain
-Rúadán mac Gébennaig
-Rumann mac Rígáin
-Túathal mac Tipraite
-Uallachán mac Ímair
-Flaithrí mac Airmedaig
-Ultán mac Áedáin


-Willelme Rígamus the bastard
-Skvor The Bastard
-Drogue The Bastard
-Gundulf The Bastard
-Edelmut The Bastard
-Einjar The Bastard
-Gozelin The Bastard
-Hamelin The Bastard
-Harold The Bastard
-Albert The Bastard

-Còmhan mac Finnean
-Enki SilverEye


Fyrd of Devonshire:

-Miwiw aka Caedmon
-Carl aka Chad
-Alexander aka Avery

Under the leadership of their king Ívarr of Limerick the vikings enter the field in full battle array. With the raven banner above them their heavy formations advance fast as they are sure to crush their foes with the brute force of their shieldwall.

Viking hosts:

FenrisBarn:Erlingar:Jómsvíkingar:Leiðangr Hlymreks
(Levy of Limerick):

-Ívarr of Limerick

(Bjorn FenrisBarn)


-Þorkell Lögsögumaðr Erlingr
-Þorvaldr Erlingr
-Hengist Erlingr
-Hengwulf Erlingr
-Harkon Haakonson Erlingr
-Swolf Laggerson Erlingr


-Bleddyn Dwrn




The event will be played in battle mode, with 10 rounds depicting the fighting on Sulcoit hill itself and later rounds the aftermath of skirmishing and the pursuit of the losing side. The hosts are formed by the registered clans, but they may invite a certain number of guests to fight among them. So far only those are signed up with whom I discussed the event already.

Public players are free to sign up to play as one of the Goídil Dál gCais tribesmen or be part of the viking levies of Limerick. Those who wish to engage in wretched archery shall make mention of it, yet among the gaels it is shunned upon as the Dál gCais prefer the thrown dart and javelin.

The battle had to be postponed and it is not certain when it will be held yet.

To join the in game voice chat you will need to download the newest version of teamspeak 3, and join the Vikingr channel at:

The channel will not be passworded, and you will get the information about entering the server itself there from your host leader.
While it is not necessary to sign up to join the event, it is encouraged, as it will make balancing both sides out far more easy and those who reserve a slot will be given priority if the need to shift players to one side should arise.




Recording the event: As there are so few Vikingr events and a festive amount of maneuvering and tactics is to be expected, it would be most welcome if some people were to record the event in a video for later viewing for those who missed it and those who never got around to try it.

(and thanks to skvor for the opening drawing!)

Thanks to STARik/poor smiley we can use these signatures during the waiting for the event, you can simply add them by pasting the code here:
STARik said:
If anyone wants to spread a word while there is still time, you can use thees signatures:




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Participation confirmed:

Mathgamain mac Cennétig

A Teglach Mathgamna
(The Retinue of Mathgamain)

Adomnán mac Ailgusa
Áeducán mac Tressaig
Eochu mac Domnaill
Crimthann mac Cormaicc
Gormán mac Guaire
Tigernán mac Eógain
Rúadán mac Gébennaig
Rumann mac Rígáin
Túathal mac Tipraite
Uallachán mac Ímair
Flaithrí mac Airmedaig
Ultán mac Áedáin​


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Great an event! Wonderful!  :grin:

L'Armée Du Bâtard

Willelme Rígamus The Bastard
Skvor The Bastard
Drogue The Bastard
Gundulf The Bastard
Edelmut The Bastard
Einjar The Bastard
Gozelin The Bastard
Hamelin The Bastard
Harold The Bastard

More to follow, hopefully  :grin:


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Men of Jomsborg




(Some more will probably come, so be ready too add some more names if that's important)




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when will this take place ? (time and date)  :smile:

and count Eldjarn_jomsborg in too, he wil probably come

and will it be a teamspeak channel for each team ? or do we all sue separate channels ?


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Btw I might try to record some part of the event, depends how my computer will react. ^^


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I would like to join one of the public hosts( Dál gCais tribesmen), though it kinda depends on the time/day, of course. Possibly record some parts of it if the problems of my laptop subsides...


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Skipverjar vikingalið



Hm! Sounds awesome! I don't really care which side, just sign me up, k? :smile:

(also, hi Cora!)
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