SP Native Battle Morale (v1.5 for 0.960Native)

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First of all, THANK YOU for this great mod. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT !!!

Couple of questions:
1. If I have already started a new game but forgot to put on the "CHEAT!" menu, can I activate this ingame ?
2. Is there a way to turn off the Faction think message reports on the campaign map screen without turning off the rest of the messages ?

Many thanks in advance for you support !
What did you change so I can make this thing able to work with 1.0? Or if you have a possible chance, port to version 1.0 please.
The lack of battlefield morale is my #1 frustration with 1.003.

It is very unrealistic that every single soldier will fight to the death.

I love the game, I wished morale worked more like TW series.

I hope this mod or something similar is put together for 1.003.

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