Battle for the Apple of Eden


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Battle for the Apple of Eden
Welcome to the ancient war between Assassins and Templars!

Assassination Contracts(NEW)
You can activate these by going to the tavern in any of the towns and speaking to a town-specific person there. Each town will offer a unique contract to kill a person.

You will be able to reach new heights and do parkour

Seven Factions
Assassin Order
Templar Knights
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of France
Republic of Netherlands
Assassination Contracts
Advanced Formations
Sea Travel
Sea Battles
Ship Battles
Historically accurate names and places
Historical weapons and armors
Advanced trading system

Ayyee guys just thought id let you guys know im making a mod for this 'mod' or whatev u wanna call it
you can check it out here, there will be small adjustments mainly just scenes tbh based off AC4 black flag

smh i tried to post pics but it wont let me kinda dumb but w e just checkout the link