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Allright folks. First of all i would like to thank Gabrilduro and his team of talented modders for creating such an enjoyable mod as this. I have spent countless of hours playing it and it has been great fun.

But to get to the subject. I'm an not a skilled modder. I can at the maximum replace some textures now and then. I would i however like to know if there is any way to implement the firing commands from the With Fire And Sword expansion just as it has been made in the 1860's module amongst others. If any one got a tutorial that they could link me to or if they could atleast say wich files one would have to edit i would be thankful. In any case thank for making this mod and hope you all have a fine day.

Greetings /Anakonda.


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So glad  to see U around again!

Ehh...I know...1860s commands are addicting.  :twisted:
We have to thk old good Harlef for that cuz he was the one that actively helped me to add them in 1860s.

My attempt  to add it in the new update that I was working at for 1755 kept on crashing, instead... :???:

A true problem now is the recent big update for WB 1.160 which makes us modders to have to work even harder for compatibility.

Anyway, I also have to face some serious personl problems that recently hit me hard  :neutral:,299437.0.html

Thx again for posting and a big hug to U and all my true old/new Supporters.  :wink:

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