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Battle AI

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Once in awhile I come here to peruse whatever new development updates are available but have seemed to miss (or forgotten) anything concerning the battle AI, I am very much looking forward to the battle planning update and the map/battlefield update for what they may add, with some hope that it will help fix the battle AI. I have played the realistic battle mod and as good as it is as a mod it still doesn't hit he spot for me. As it is now the AI is most miss with a couple hits here and there but mostly its immersion breaking how friendly and enemy troops behave, I am not going to list anything simply because if anyone has played the game for more than a couple hours would know everything or mostly what I am referring to outside of sieges. Also its weird how when you give a command the troops often lower weapons(shields) turn around then turn back to initiate the command. Just something I thought I'd throw out there after much hours of gameplay


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Yeah there's a lot of annoying things about basically everything about moving troops, changing formations, transferring groups, leading groups with fallow me, charging groups and of course any notion of trying to get troops to kill any thing in particular. And of course the f6 is a bad option that will result in heavy trading of troops usually, especially if using infantry.

As you say, when changing formation or positions troops often make themselves unnecessarily vulnerable and it also procs thier individual fight choices (RIP) causing a few to charge into walls of enemies and such. And of course if takes way too long, especially splitting a group. Really if I split 100 troops, 50 into a new group and move 1 group I want to see the left or right side split from the middle, currently they split all over and trickle out. It's just very bad and useful.

I often describe it as: The only thing troops can actually do okay is fire ranged weapons at large enemy formations directly in front of them. Any other type of combat or positioning, they just are very clumsy and a perform poorly. Basically the more you do the more chances for **** ups.

Further more, I hate that troops with a shield won't just use them ALWAYS to protect themselves. They shouldn't have to be in a SW to use them, and although I understand a moving SW would be slower, really there should be way for troops in SW to run WITH SHIELD UP to a new position and re-form a SW QUICKLY and CLEANLY. Not to mention cavalry moving slower with SW (the only way to make them keep shield raised). It makes me very annoyed that Cav SW immediately drops it's guard, even with enemies in range, when I put it on loose to make it move faster to change position. That's just so stupid and fake, they know the danger in front of them they should still guard against arrows and throwers.


so many times the enemy cav charge my archers to only turn around back to formation and get slaughtered. One of the reasons to post this is the ant hill effect where enemy/friendly armies find a hill and bug out until you...fill in the rest
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