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Resolved Battering Ram Still usable after being destroyed

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Summary: Battering Ram shows broken model, with 0 health bar, but can still be used to ram the gate
How to Reproduce: Destroy Battering Ram while it is at the gate.
Media (Screenshots & Video):
Version:e1.0.0-e1.0.7 (May not be exact, but I am pretty sure I have encountered this many times since release and it still happens)

I'll try to get media of it next time it happens, but one thing I'm not sure on is if it actually damages the gate when it's 'broken'.
(I saw a similar thread already, but it was for the beta discussion, so I wasn't sure if it was a current bug)

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I've been informed that this bug is fixed and will be sent to the live branch in the next updates. Thanks for reporting!
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