Battanian non-noble archers (militia & armed traders) should be crossbowmen

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I get that in the Battanian society, the bow is a nobleman's weapon. Precisely because of that I find it strange that rather low-status troops such as militia archers and armed traders are bowmen. Granted, a missile unit is needed to defend settlements so militia needs to have that, and same goes for armed traders I guess. But there is an alternative - the crossbow, so ubiquitously used by their Vlandian neighbours. Whereas a bow requires long and constant practice, any idiot can shoot a crossbow with a minumum of training. I'd say that would make a weapon Battanian nobles would scoff at and consider fit only for a lowly commoner. I know that we're going for a celtic feel to the Battanians, but at the same time, people and militaries adapt. Crossbows would be the perfect way for Battannians to add long range fire to the defence of their strongholds without compromising their social order as the current militia archers do.
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Very much in agreement. I've always found the idea of equipping the Battania militia with crossbows interesting; in my eyes it's plausible.

Terco_Viejo said:
[...] And on top of that, even Battanian garrison units I would equip with crossbows (Pictish tradition). And speaking of crossbows, all the crossbow line that the empire's troop tree has, I would drop them completely (read explanation why).[...]

Terco_Viejo said:
[...] Now, you tell me ok we don't want bows in Battania; replace them with slings and it's a deal then. Javelins and slings in the purest skirmisher style for common troops and for garrison militia you apply Pictish crossbows; I'll buy it.[...]
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