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I'm having trouble figuring out battanias role, esp in a mixed army. Their bowman are awesome, but their other units I'm not sure how to use.

They seem to be similar to sturgia with infantry, shock infantry. theyre cavalry isnt as good- if i have sturgian troops, why add battanians?

Are skirmishers from battania that good? and if so how do folks use them?

Thanks for the help- i wanted to make a barbarian kingdom of sturgians and battanians w maybe some khurgites.
Barbarian kingdom sounds hype! If you're gonna go a mix of the two then I'd probably just go for the Fian troops from Battania. They're amazing archers and insane clean up with their 2handers.

Their cav is garbage but their infantry is decent. Fianns are easily their most valuable unit tho
What worked for me in the early game was spamming skirmishers and using the Advance command. Since they have javelins they will get within range of throwing weapons and back up while throwing them. In the late game my army is just 60% archers.
I really feel like light cavalry is highly underrated in Bannerlord. Though I suppose it might come down to how much time you want to spend hacking away at enemies getting into the fighting versus how much time you want to spend riding around commanding cavalry units and giving orders.
I thought Battanias role was pretty obvious: Barbarians, sorry, Primitives to be crushed under the pseudo-byzantine heel of the Empire. Their archers then to be integrated into the Imperial Legions.

Why is there no legionary smiley?
I play as Battania and I use their skirmishers as well as their archers.

Skirmishers devastate onrushing troops if you open fire at the right moment.

Eventually their 2 handed infantry will probably be pretty handy, when the game adds the functionality to group them individually and hide the behind shield walls.
Battanian infantry is top tier in defending siege in my opinion. They are nasty with their little axes. But this only matters when they are the enemy. Most of the time the player won't be defending sieges so this doesn't really matter if the player use them as defensive force, sadly.
You use their skirmishers as meat shield, and their archers do everything other.

I agree. They're basicaly there just to not loose Fians.

and thus, you dont miss them as much when loosing them you do - especially at sieges. If I can, I safe my fians in towns/castles and only siege with battanian cannon fodder
Having used all their soldiers, I can say this much about them.

Battanian Oathsworn (formerly Trained Spearman) act as a good anti cavalry infantry that double as good line troops too. If spear infantry were better, and if their armour was better, they'd be great. They've been modded in my game with better armour- they're no legionaries in terms of defence, but I am fond of them.

Falxmen are nasty if you're bothered to group them separately (I am bothered to do that). The rhomphaia they wield are absurd, and they wear armour unlike Ulfhednar. They also unleash a hilarious number of throwing axes. Otherwise, you might like Shock Troopers better.

Wildlings are pretty damn good as skirmishers. Can't say anything else that hasn't already been said of them. Their weaker helmets and lower polearm skill aside, they prolly even do the job of Oathsworn better too.

Their horsemen work well enough as light cavalry. Use them to tie up archers and cavalry. Since Sturgia lacks a source of common melee cavalry, these guys can find a niche.

Mounted Skirmishers just suck compared to Horse Raiders. They're Battania's answer to horse archers- I've seen them unhorse many horse archers with their javelins. The problem is that Horse Raiders have the potential to do it far better thanks to superior armour and the amount of javelins they pack.

I hope Battania receives some regular archers in SP. Maybe some boosts in gear or stats. If not, I'll keep working on my modded Battania.
Mounted skirmisher also have 0 throwing?
Anyway they are like horseman but with bad armor, the horseman path Is better because you can get cavalry at tier 4 already.
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