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BASIC Alliance feature

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This is a minimal very basic suggestion that I propose as the first step towards alliances.

I feel a single marriage should not by it´s own form an alliance. That very quickly could pacify the world.
Alliancepoints represent diplomacy and relations/connections
When faction A has 4 alliance-points towards faction B, an alliance is founded if the ruler-clans have a positive relation and 4 alliancepoints is consumed
Points can be awarded even if an alliance already exists.
This will make alliances quite hard to achieve and fragile

Marriages gives Alliance-points
When a clanleader marries, one point is awarded.
When a faction ruler marries, two points are awarded

When two factions are allied, their rulers can spend 700 influence to call the allied into one of their wars.
Each war the called parner is in when called will cause 10 relation-malus between the ruler-clans.

Alliance break
If a ruler dies, ALL alliances of that faction is broken.
If a ruler clan has negative relation towards the rulerclan of an allied faction, the alliance is broken.
Any existiing alliance-points persits
Any vassal(though initially I don't think AI needs to consider this. It´s mainly for a vassal player.)
  1. Can declare war vote against an ally. It costs them an additional 250 influence to initiate and -20 relation to both rulers.
  2. Make an hostile action. It costs 5 times the penalty it does without an alliance.

Marriages - [This part is argueable beyond the BASIC]
When 2 heroes marries
  1. 5 relation unconditionally
  2. Another 5 if one part is clanleader
  3. Another 5 if one part is rulerclan
  4. Another 10 if both parts:
    1. Are different rulerclans --OR--
    2. Belongs to same faction
Additionally, a clan
  • Pays 100 influence when they recieve a charachter through marriage
  • Gets 100 x their clan-tier influence when they loose a charachter through marriage
  • Gets 30 reknown for each clan-tier below the other clan the clan is
AI will consider above when matching.
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