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Also included:
The cleaned, reorganized and heavily commented header_operations made by the man, the myth, the legend Lav!
What is this?:
Barebones Module System or Scrubbed Module System is a new framework for those looking to build modules for the Warband Engine using the existing Module System framework but do not need gameplay features from Native. Originally created by Theoris for 1.134 it has been brought to the final era of Warband modding for anyone who may need it.
  • Updated to existing module system code to include ALL engine updates since 1.134 as well as all hardcoded presentations, scripts, etc.
  • Erased more of the non-essential code, making it almost truly barebones.
  • Updated module.ini that adds all new engine variables and removes non essential BRFs from the loading order
  • Expanded existing headers, and created missing headers, to tell you how to use the MS. My additions are. . apparent.
  • Organized module_sounds by category
  • Restructured remaining code syntax to be more consistent.

Maybe You said:
What are the potential uses for this?
I definitely said:
While this is a pretty user-unfriendly framework, it's meant to be used by advanced modders whose code has little to no dependencies on Native. It's great for decreasing the size of your mod, lowering load times, or just as a framework when your mod will be very different from Native and will not be interacting with existing gameplay features but is still using the engine.

Perhaps you said:
Should I use this?
I said:
Probably not, not in most cases at least. But for advanced users, it is a great way to trim the fat of unnecessary features and assets while freeing up resources.

You said:
Oh, wow, so this is entirely down to hardcoded engine features?
Me said:
Unfortunately no. There are features that could have been further pared down (i.e. the tableau system), and in the future perhaps I will, but currently I do not have the know how to confidently remove or reintegrate them myself so I left them in the modsys.

You said:
Why the included compiled module?
Me in a different hat said:
Load times, mostly! I removed BRFs and dependances that aren't required after the removal of certain code. I also added all the new engine configuration variables from the expansions to the module.ini

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