barding vs horse hp


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Hello friends. Would you all be willing to enlighten me on barding. Many times when upgrading your horse you either can either choose barding, more horse hp, more agile horse etc. For the Sturgian druiznick you can choose between barding and more horse hp.

Aren't these basically the same thing? If so which is better?

If not, what is the difference and which is better?

Thank you!


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Barding is better. It gives armour, which mitigates more damage than flat out health would give you.

This would be a tougher choice if the health was a bit more substantial but it isn't, 30 more health doesnt matter when most things that kills a horse do overkill amounts of damage anyways, where as taking Barding and giving your horse 30 extra armour(or whatever it is) at least reduces the damage 1 handed swords, missles etc do to you.


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Yes, always take barding
The HP boosts are so small that it makes no difference lmao. In fact, I think the HP increases are equal to amount of armor added. No idea why TW even made extra HP an option, the thing even reduces maneuverability