Banners (regiments) creation and major army (party) management rework

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Greetings. I'd like give you some ideas, on party tab, and general army management system, because to my mind for now it unfortunately lacks a few very important, and moreover potentially usefull features.

It is really hard for now to maintain constant army structure, and above all - it's quality (and quantatity too, but this one can be understood). The Party tab unfortunately does not provide any information about the total number of the troops by its type (cavalry, ranged, infantry), nor quality of these troops (lvl of the units). The only information is the total number of troops. In you want to maintain your army in good shape it is required to make quite annoying list overview after each battle. It is just slow, and reqiures either good memory or pen and paper just to count your troops both by type and lvl, since the only feature that helps to organise your party at least at basic lvl. is simple ability to reshuffle your units. In case of 20 units army it is fair enough, but not in case of any army above that. For example, my army consisting only 132 men (only imperial and 2 mercenary types of units) varies 21 different types of units! 21 different types! And what in case of armies consisting units not only of one culture origin? Number of types grows to terryfying sizes.

Therefore, I'd like to suggest to you to put into the game "regimental system", or rather "Banner system" (and I will call it further this way). This would be simple ability to create within your party smaller Banners, to which you'd be able to assign your troops. And such banners would enter the battlefield, without necessity to merge your units ad hoc just before battle.

Here is my sketch how such UI should in my opinion look like. Such "Banner boxes" should be displayed as tiles mosaic in "army detalis and compositon tab", accesable from party tab. (sry for making it in paint btw, but it's just a sketch ya know)

Moreover, it would be extremely usefull, if you'd add somewhere in party tab:
1. Information about current number of mounted infantry, number of horses required to mount all infantry in the party and current impact on speed of the party
Somewhere in the inventory tab
2. Information about maximum herd size (till it starts to have big impact on party speed

Hopefully, you'll take into consideration my suggestion, and add it into the game. Have a great day.
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