Bannerlord wont work no matter what.

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So as the title says, it just wont launch Ive tried everything recommended in other threads but nothing works. Ive tried a fresh install, verifying game files, I have never used mods so I'm certain that's not the issue.

for clarification my issue is that I launch the game through steam and I'm met with the launcher but when I click play the launcher disappears and the game never opens. However what has made this issue even more infuriating is that steam still thinks I'm playing it and refuses to let me close the launcher through task manager or even the taskkill command, the only method I have found to truly close the game has been restarting my entire PC.

I played the game with no problem for 8 or so hours about a year ago and Ive wanted to get into it for awhile so I reinstalled it but now I cant even see the home screen.

any help would be very much appreciated
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